Start the day with a routine Mindfulness

Start the day with a Mindfulness routine 3


Have you ever thought about how long you dedicate yourself every day?

The truth is that we live in a situation where the workforce is required on our part, total availability; and if we add the housework and certain aspects become thieves of our time, we end up realizing that we have even a small span to stop and breathe.

But how can we do if in the end most of the activities that every day we have to make are important?

How can we set our priorities?

According to Scott Eblin, author of “The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success”, the answer can be found in something called “Mindfulness”.

 What Mindfulness means?

Attention Mindfulness or Full is a meditation technique which refers to the ability to be aware of this moment. There is nothing else to know how to live the here and now without any distractions, leaving aside any concerns about the past or future. In the end, the result of this practice is peace of mind.

Many experts agree that when we introduce the Mindfulness in our daily routine, we get incredible benefits both the short and long term; which in addition to positively impact on our productivity, they also help us to improve our social relationships.

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According to the Spanish company executive and sports coaching, Ecosystem Deportivo, Midnfulness practice offers the following benefits:

  • It helps us to recudir stress.
  • Eliminate insomnia.
  • We protect our brain.
  • We improve our concentration.
  • We develop our emotional intelligence.
Peace comes from within. Do not look outside. – Buddha.

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How to start our day with a routine Mindfulness?

For this practice has the expected results, it is important to first let us resolve to add to our morning routine a series of habits that have to be done from the moment we get up out of bed.

Physical routines.

The first step is that we must live healthily. This implies that we must begin to incorporate into our daily routine exercise , and review our eating habits are healthy.

Remember, what we eat and our body is reflected in our physical and mental health.

In addition, within the physical routine it is also important to achieve a good quality of sleep ; and this is because when practicing Mindfulness need to get up early, so if you do not plan this routine, lack of sleep and fatigue will not let us make good meditation.

Breathing routines.

Breathing is a crucial element in any mindfulness routine. For proper breathing routine it is necessary to adopt a posture of rest, and focus all our attention on the physical act of breathing.

At the beginning perhaps we realize that it is difficult to concentrate solely on breathing, as we will probably come thoughts that disrupt this exercise concentration; but with time and practice, we will improve the way we focus our attention.

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The recommendation is to do this exercise for 10 minutes each day , with the ultimate goal of learning to be fully aware of the present moment, our bodies and our environment.

Define a list of morning activities.

A morning routine is a set of activities, ranging from meditation to planning daily work; and whose objective will be to help us feed our minds for a moment of peace and tranquility through mindfulness.

Activities such as meditation, drinking tea, walk through the park, or do some recreational task as writing, reading or painting work very well for Mindfulness.

The key is not complicated and create a list with 3 or 4 activities that we make consciously.

Once we have defined our list of activities simply we must remember consciously perform, making it slow to pay attention to every detail.

One last recommendation at this point is that every so often we must change our routines to avoid falling into monotony.

 Start your day with a routine Mindfulness change the rest of our both personal and interpersonal daily activities; and although it is a practice that requires effort, it has a huge reward.

If you’ve made the decision to incorporate this meditation technique into your daily routine, we invite you to download for free this material that you can take your first steps in learning to meditate.