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Yoga exercises for beautiful posture

Yoga exercises for beautiful posture 3

Sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work are causes curvature of the spine and back pain. Health backs directly connected with the quality of other organs. Beautiful posture, direct and flexible spine – the guarantee of health and youth. According constricting teachings, along the inside of the spinal column is a central energy channel chakras , and ends at the top of the head. Accordingly, the problems of the spine affecting the deceleration energy Kundalini
Sushumna channel. It can block the chakras and poor affect the health of organs and endocrine glands, which are responsible for each chakra . In order to avoid health problems and straighten your posture, make it right and beautiful, it is recommended to regularly perform some yoga poses.

The complex
of yoga asanas for a beautiful posture

This complex is recommended to carry out every day.
For this you need no more than 10 minutes a day. The result will be visible after a few months of regular practice.

  1. Tadasana improves posture, provides the proper growth of vertebrate bones, promotes the release of spinal nerves, helps to keep the spine and joints of the hands and feet of young and flexible. Execution time of 30-60 seconds. Contraindications are absent.
  2. Adho Mukha Shvanasana fatigue, restores lost energy, pull the lumbar region, giving it rest. Lead time of 30 seconds or more. Contraindications: headache, high blood pressure, the last stages of pregnancy.
  3. ECC Mukha Shvanasana helps with back pain of various origins, develops the muscles of the back and arms, opens the chest. Execution time of 20-30 seconds. Contraindications: back injuries, intervertebral hernia, pregnancy.
  4. Dandasana strengthens the muscles of the back and waist, learns to sit up straight with your back upright position. Execution time of 30-60 seconds. Contra-indications: lumbar injury.
  5. Paschimottanasana relates to therapeutic yoga poses for the spine, eliminating the stoop and curvature of the spine and rejuvenates the nerves of the spinal column. Runtime 60 seconds. Contraindications: offset vertebral disc, chronic arthritis and sciatica, sharp pains in the spine.
  6. I Bharadvadzhasana develops flexibility back. Execution time of 20 seconds in each direction. Contraindications spinal trauma, high and low blood pressure.
  7. Savasana is learning to relax the spine and releases tension in the lumbar region. Lead time 3-4 minutes. Contraindications are absent.
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Exercises for posture correction

The video provides additional exercises that you can do to make your posture straight and beautiful.


Safety in the exercises for the back

  • Do not perform an exercise through pain.

  • Begin the exercise with the simplest option.

  • Are in
    yoga asana while that for you comfortable (do not follow through force)

  • Doing the exercises, keep your shoulders and hips in the same plane.

  • Do not perform curl, if you have serious problems with the spine.

  • Performing backbends, lower the tailbone down, tighten the muscles of the perineum and abdomen.
    This will allow you to protect your lower back and bend in the thoracic spine.

  • Is inclined forward, you need to relax your back and arms.
    The slope has to go from the pelvis. If you force the stretch to the legs, can injure the weak spine.

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