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How does meditation help? Does it simply allow you to be more calm, relax your mind, or can it actually be used to eliminate phobias, bad memories, regrets, shame, guilt, problems in your life you are trying to fix, and if so how?

How does meditation help? Does it simply allow you to be more calm, relax your mind, or can it actually be used to eliminate phobias, bad memories, regrets, shame, guilt, problems in your life you are trying to fix, and if so how? 1

The Benefits of Meditation – 10 Ways to Help Your Mind

How meditation helps the brain


Meditation is much more than just a way to relax. Studies prove that meditation reduces anxiety and anxiety, develops compassion, reduces pain sensitivity, promotes creativity, and much more …

So, how does meditation help our minds?

1. Life beats the key on the head? Stay calm among the storms

We calm down during the very meditation, but does this help in ordinary life? Studies say that yes.

However, if you start meditating – you yourself will notice it. Calm to respond to troubles, do not jerk on trifles, instead of hysterics take concrete actions – meditation teaches this slowly, but surely.

2. And your friends will come to your rescue?

It is believed that meditation helps to become kinder and more compassionate. Now it is scientifically proven.

What can I say? It is important not only to meditate yourself, but also to attract your friends and relatives to it. Then at a difficult moment they will definitely come to your rescue.

3. Great secret of the brain: add a gray matter!

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool. In just 8 weeks, it can change the structure of your brain.

Our brain, it turns out, is surprisingly plastic. With the help of meditation, we can – ourselves – change the structure of our own brain, which means – to improve health and quality of life.

4. What pain … What pain?

An important plus of changing the structure of the brain is that regularly meditators experience less pain.

Well, from a headache, meditation helps me. And I have not tried to apply hot plates yet. I’ll take the professor’s word for it.

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5 . Is it possible that only 20 minutes a day can make us smarter?

Would you like your brain to work faster? Only 80 minutes of meditation for 4 days will help you with this.

Do you understand, yes? Quickly learn, remember better, plan more effectively and achieve goals. And all this – not with the help of tablets or liters of coffee, but just a quiet, peaceful meditation for 20 minutes a day. Worth a try, no?

6. What kind of meditation is most useful for creativity?

Not every bird will fly to the middle of the Dnieper. And not every meditation is equally useful for creativity.

Scientific research suggests to us what type of meditation is best for solving creative tasks.

A little personal experience: during meditation sometimes come great ideas. Suddenly times! – and illuminates. For example, how best to solve a mathematical problem, or where it is better to place an ad unit, or what heading to use.

But there are several important features:

  • not always the idea comes to the topic that is needed now. Ideas – they are quite unpredictable;
  • a good idea needs to be recorded immediately, otherwise it will be forgotten.
  • It is not necessary to use only sitting meditation. You can try dynamic (walk in the park or the garden of stones) or water (in the bath or on the beach).
  • and when there are enough new ideas for today – begin to embody them. Then the muse of creativity will be more willing to look to you for the next time.

7. It’s not enough to have a goal. It is necessary to be able to keep the goal

At its core, meditation is a way to learn to concentrate, gain more control over one’s own attention.

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More and more studies prove the usefulness of meditation for attention.

Today distractions attack us from all sides. Facebook, instagrams, twitter … The ability to concentrate and finish what you want is very, very important. If you need to meditate for this, we will meditate.

8. Multitasking: a simple secret that every manager should know

Meditation not only improves cognitive activity. She still helps us in the work.

If you have to cook, clean and embroider a cross with several tasks at the same time – meditation will help you to do it easily and without the hassle. With a good mood and a smile on your face, you will be answering calls, mixing drinks and otshivat dissatisfied customers.

9. How to get rid of anxiety and start enjoying life

Meditation is often recommended for those who experience excessive anxiety and anxiety.

When you get angry or worried, sometimes it takes a few minutes to calm down if you sit meditating. The main thing here is to begin. This is the most difficult.

A little advice:  when you are seriously worried, it is very difficult to sit down and serenely meditate. Then you can do a couple of physical exercises. Squeeze several times, or press to shake. After that, it’s much easier to sit.

10. Meditation in the fight against depression: kill her gently

What happens with depression? The thought wanders around and wanders around, thought dreary and depressing.

And I really want to tell the sufferer (or myself): stop thinking sad!

Alas, this does not help. He can not give up these thoughts, that’s the trouble. That is why treating the symptoms of depression part is to take control of a person’s attention. Switch from the memories of a difficult past to what is happening here and now.What happens in the end?

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Meditation helps:

  • keep calm in everyday life;
  • develops compassion
  • adds the brain of gray cells
  • reduces pain
  • makes us smarter, smarter and more attentive
  • helps to come up with brilliant ideas and engage in creativity
  • improves concentration
  • helps you easily switch from one task to another
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • and even reduces the symptoms of depression.

Previously, I regularly had a desire to do something else instead of meditation. But after such izvsty I do not listen to this impulse.

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