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Yoga Is yoga better for fitness then weight training?

Yoga Is yoga better for fitness then weight training? 3

Fitness classes are becoming more popular. Each fitness club must have yoga classes. Many people think that yoga is an exercise for improving health and figure. However, yoga is, rather, spiritual development, special exercises that involve harmony of the inner and the outer.

Therefore, without knowing the basics of yoga, you should not start classes. And what you need to know about yoga, so that the exercises will benefit? Yoga has many different directions. The motherland of this kind of health gymnastics is India. Individual exercises in yoga are called asanas. You can train at home, for this there are many video courses and programs.

What is fitness yoga?

For beginners fitness yoga is more suitable. This is an actual direction, combining the basics of fitness and yoga. Fitness – a dynamic exercise, which is not everyone can. But they provide impact on certain problem areas of our body. Yoga, in turn, involves a deepening in meditative practices, which are also not everyone ready to master. Fitness yoga is suitable for those who like a measured pace of training and wants to simultaneously improve the body relief.

Yoga Is yoga better for fitness then weight training? 4


Before diving into fitness fitness classes, it is worth considering some of the nuances:

  • classes should be conducted on an empty stomach, so you need to eat 4 hours before training;
  • before classes you need to listen to your inner sensation, if you feel unwell and unwilling to refrain from exercising these days better;
  • before classes it will be useful to take a warm shower so that the muscles relax and warm up;
  • do not forget about breathing, during yoga it is important to combine the breathing rhythm with movements;
  • to practice fitness yoga you need to remove all jewelry, you should not be wearing sharp objects.
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Now, let’s start the exercises. Exercises can be complicated, but you need to start with simple options.

  • The breathing exercise is the main thing in yoga. To do this, sit in the lotus position and straighten your back. Then we connect hands to the lock above the head, breathe smoothly and slowly lower our hands to the floor, while feeling how the vertebrae on the back are stretched. During exercise, the buttocks should fit snugly to the floor and not tear away from it during the tilt.

lotus posture

  • Slopes and stretches should be smooth, without sharp movements. We sit on the floor, we spread our legs to the sides, then one leg is bent at the knee and we rest our feet on the thigh of the other leg. When you do this exercise, you must feel the muscles of your legs and back strain. At the same time, both should be stretched like a string. Tilt on the exhalation, we hold our hands by the foot, we stay in this position, we straighten out on the inhalation. Five cycles in each direction regularly and soon you will feel that the back has become more mobile.

yoga fitness exercises

  • Fitness – yoga – it’s also good for the back. Such an exercise as a “cat” makes the back flexible and eliminates the problems of osteochondrosis. It is quite simple to perform it. Accept the cat’s pose and in the rhythm of breathing, we arch our back up, as if hunched, then we make a deflection down. During this exercise, the legs and hands should not come off the floor, only the back works.
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  • Exercises of fitness yoga are varied, some are complicated, others seem too simple. However, the next exercise will not cause difficulties even for beginners. For this purpose we lay down on a back and on an inspiration we lift feet upwards, and then “we are folded twice”. You can help yourself by lifting your hips with your hands. On exhalation we lower our legs to the floor.

fitness classes

  • Fitness yoga also trains the balance. There are a number of exercises based on balancing. For example, all of us familiar “swallow” exercise can be turned into a useful balance training. Try to stand on one leg, with one hand located along the body, and the other is stretched out forward. The body forms a solid line parallel to the floor. Concentrate on the inner sensations, mentally hold the center of gravity around the pelvis.

Fitness yoga is based on smooth and gradual movements, sipping, fixed poses in conjunction with breathing. Many doctors recommend choosing this type of exercise, because it has a beneficial effect on the spine and heart and does not harm health.

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