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What are the best tips to meditate? Is it compulsory to meditate only in the morning?

What are the best tips to meditate? Is it compulsory to meditate only in the morning? 1

Meditation for beginners – Learn tips for meditation

Learning to meditate is often quite difficult for beginners. You have to come into the right atmosphere, there are a number of techniques that you will probably have to master and meditate must also suit you. If you want to learn how to meditate because you have heard many good things about it, then you must first of all know how meditation works.

In this article you therefore read step-by-step what is the basis of good meditation. With the help of the step-by-step plan below, meditating for beginners will hopefully be a lot easier. Good luck!


1. Environment

Meditating only works in a quiet environment in which you feel comfortable. This is especially important if you are still learning how to meditate. Preferably choose a quiet space that you only use for meditation. This is important because the chance is very different that you are distracted. Meditation can not only be at home, but also outside. Think for example of a quiet place in the park or in your backyard.

2. Clothing

During meditation it is important that you do not experience physical discomforts that can distract you. Therefore wear loose fitting clothes in which you feel comfortable. Beginners may want to skip this step, but you will find that meditation is hardly possible if you are distracted by, for example, too tight pants.


3. Time

Meditate at fixed times of the day. This way you avoid nothing because you are too busy. By literally ‘meditating’ in your diary, you automatically save time.


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4. Rest

A common beginner’s mistake is thinking that meditating can be “just in between”. Really take the time for meditation, especially if you are still learning how to meditate! Make sure you are free of other chores and tasks for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Practice

You learn to meditate well by practicing regularly. As soon as you implant your meditation moments and free enough time, you will see that your mind is more easily in the right state for meditating.


6. Empty the head

Start with meditation by pulling your thoughts away from the world around you – forget the past, the present and the future. Ask your mind to be quiet, but do not force it. By enforcing it you can actually generate stress and unrest.

7. Close eyes

Close your eyes and forget the world around you – no longer listen to ambient sounds, but focus on not having thoughts. Beginners pay attention: give full thought to this, because “half meditating” does not exist.

8. Full stomach = bad

Do not meditate on a full stomach . With a full stomach you are quickly distracted during meditation because your stomach is digesting food.

9. Emotions

Do not meditate when you are too emotional – Especially anxiety and depression can ensure that true meditation does not work. In that case you only create a stressful situation, so wait for strong emotions with meditation.

10. Do not force

Do not force the meditation, and do not rush it either. Keep in mind that learning meditation costs time and dedication. Meditating is often difficult for beginners, but once you have mastered the right meditation technique, you can benefit enormously from it. Do not want to go too fast and accept that your meditation is still learning.

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