Also did you buy the motorcycle? – Where is the happiness

I make an invitation: See if you agree with any of the following statements:

  • We are happy when we work and unhappy when we do not, all the time.

(And why, when we are working, we are always looking wrong mate or boss?)

  • We are happy when we have money and are unhappy when we do not.

(Really? Is that going well?)

  • We are happy when we are unhappy couple and when we do not.

(Are you sure Ask your partner – if you have one)

  • We are happy when we are healthy, and unhappy when we are sick.

(Hmmm … think again. Now are you healthy? If your answer is yes, all rely Are you happy?)

We will be happy when we have that child, when we have this other job, when we do this

trip … But now childless, jobless and travel …

What “condemns us” to be unhappy?

It is our conditioning, the jumble of beliefs which we have scheduled Yea computer, which says:

– “. If you
do not have what you want, you will be unhappy”

. “If something happens to
you do not want, be unhappy” –

“We have scheduled” and we have bought the completita bike. We have believed. It was more comfortable that way.

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a counterexample

In the race I studied was a subject called Mathematical Logic and there I learned that from the counterexamples. In mathematics, for example, the number 2 is the only counterexample to the proposition “all prime numbers are odd.”

But back to our own, here I bring a counterexample of the many that there are those erroneous statements but widespread with which began the article.

María José, a counterexample

José María I met her when she was doing a training course Yoga Teachers, specifically when trying to find ways to get to do the headstand (Sirsasana). His joy and willingness to do things despite what anyone else says I got deeply to heart.

She was born and, with his arm as you see in the picture. I have to tell you how hard it may have been your life, your relationships, the looks of “poor”, raising two children, his work with the public … But their happiness comes from within and beyond the looks, the physical pain, of victimhood.

For a second he doubted if he could be a teacher of yoga but he found the right person, the beloved Swami Sivadasananda who said without hesitation: Yoga is transmitted to the heart.

Joy and peace at the same time

The RAE defines “happiness” as:
“. State of spiritual and physical satisfaction grata”

What really separates us from that state of satisfaction?

We have learned that we must fight for happiness and we have not become aware that we are already FELICIDAD.

Yes, there is a very hard work that must be done: to question, to doubt everything you have

taught you are, what you yourself think you are, remove layers and layers.
But that work is not fighting, but of peace, silence. At first it is painful to deal honestly as many “shadows” that come to the surface when you are silent: I’m mediocre, liar, selfish … But one who perseveres in peace and effortless in this hard work, he reveals the true happiness, joy

for anything that does not depend on any circumstances.

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It is effortless to perceive without judging what happens “inside” and “outside” of you. This way of perceiving is the energy source that identifies and let go of what you are not, it is the space of peace, of silence, of satisfaction.

No need to wait until tomorrow to begin to perceive and to experiencing this that I speak.

Shall we try together now?

An exercise for you, now

What we will do now, it is possible (and necessary!) Make every moment of the day, as if

you are working, walking, cooking … But I
also recommend you find some

moments of the day to do it yourself.

Lets look rest on a fixed point – fijate I say “sit”, not “concentrate the look”. Your eyes rest at any point without any effort. Or, if you prefer, you can also close your eyes and be aware of the darkness behind closed eyelids. At the same time, I am aware of bodily sensations, without naming what you feel: cold or heat, or contact of clothing, whatever, without naming, effortlessly. Be aware of the movements of your mind, if there is movement – also effortlessly while you are restfully alert to everything perceived by sense organs: smells, colors, sounds, tactile sensations. If you do when you’re eating, the feel and taste of a fruit will seem that you had never before eaten. It is an observation that no part of the memory, of memories.

and perceiving, empty.

No need to find or acquire more to be happy. You need to let go of what you are not.

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Quietly, in peace.


Maybe now you’re also a contrajemplo.

A big hug, heart.