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Louise Solomon

Yogalates – a wonderful synthesis of the two high-performance systems of yoga and Pilates.
Yoga – an ancient Indian technique, aimed at physical and spiritual self. Pilates – a system whose main objective – the acquisition of a shapely, toned figure, and, at the same time, getting positive emotions, relaxation and recreation.

By combining the best of the two systems, yogalates includes a smooth, gentle movements and postures, focuses on breathing, relaxation and positive emotions.
Total yogalatesa benefits include increased muscle strength and muscle tone with increased flexibility of the body. As a result, the muscles become firm and strong. Yogalates complex exercises will ensure quick results on the way to a slim figure, good health and good spirits.

Who can practice Yogalates : Features of a technique is that yogalates exercises are suitable for almost all ages, because in this system, no grueling strength training. For classes do not need fancy sports equipment, so these exercises can be practiced in the gym, at home, even outdoors.


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