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Halasana with stool: Iyengar’s method

A characteristic feature of
Iyengar Yoga is the performance of asanas with the necessary supports (blankets, chairs, bricks, belts, etc.). With this yoga Iyengar available to anyone, regardless of age and health. Auxiliary materials help to fully relax, do not feel pain, and immerse your mind in the body. Used when performing halasana chair, blanket, cushion supports the neck, spine, torso and legs, is in allowing this asana without much effort.

Practice halasana helps fight the effects of anxiety and fatigue, and due to pressing of the chin to the chest calm down nerves and relaxes the brain.
Asan is useful in disorders of the thyroid gland works. However, halasana not recommended for plugging of the arteries and the cervical spondylosis, and during menstruation. If you have osteoarthritis of the hip joints, back pain, peptic ulcers, premenstrual syndrome, or you suffer from excessive fullness, dilute the final stage of leg postures. Do the same in the case, if you feel suffocation in the throat, or heaviness in the head.

Support devices

A chair, a blanket, two rollers and a stool.
The chair allows you to confidently move in and out of asanas and without discomfort to pull the spine. Blanket sveshivayas through the front edge of the chair seat, softens it. One of the rolls, which lies under the shoulders, lets not strain your neck and head, and the other is placed on a stool under the shin. The very same stool leg supports and accepts the body weight.

performance technique

  1. Put on the floor, parallel to the front legs of the chair and came towards them, roll and coat the chair seat folded blanket so that it hangs slightly from the front edge of the seat.
    At approximately 60 cm from roller stool precede it and put it on the second roller parallel to and aligned with the first.

  2. Follow
    Salamba Sarvangasanu .

  3. Holding hands on the side faces of the seat of the chair closer to the posterior edge of the insert legs to the stool.
    Keep your pelvis while from the front edge of the chair.

  4. In turn, lower your legs to the stool lying on the roller.
    The neck should be extended and comfortable to lie on the floor. Keep your shoulders on the floor lying on the roller. Free pelvis forward to putting on a second roll shins perpendicular to the floor and put the body.

  5. Release the seat and back slightly shifting body weight, carry out his arms.
    Lower them, palms down and parallel to each other on the floor, bend your elbows behind your head and place your left hand under the right elbow and right hand under the left.

  6. Do not strain your stomach and pelvis.
    Let the eyes sink into his eye socket – do not look up. Relax the muscles of the face and throat. It is important to stretch in this pose throat. Necessary to bring the breasts to the chin, but not vice versa. While your brain is resting, breathing will become deeper and slower. Close your eyes and stay in this position for 3 minutes.
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Halasana with stool: Iyengar's method 7


Halasana with stool: Iyengar's method 8Halasana with stool: Iyengar's method 9





Out Asana

After spending time in the recommended asana, slowly open your eyes.
Straighten arms and exactly follow steps 4 to 1. Avoid sudden movements, because they can strain your neck and back.

The beneficial effect of halasana

  • It helps with fatigue, insomnia and anxiety

  • Useful when stress-related headaches, migraine and hypertension

  • If a strong heartbeat reduces the heart rate and helps with shortness of breath

  • It improves the functioning of the thyroid and parathyroid glands

  • Helps with sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, colds and congestion

  • Useful in the treatment of back pain, lumbago and arthritis of the back and spine


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