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Meditation for beginners: 20 tips to help calm the mind. | Corner of Tibet

Benefits of meditation

For beginners, or people who are learning about the amazing benefits that meditation can provide your mental clarity and well –
being, however, it can be frustrating at first.

As you
begin meditation, you can experience a mixture between waiting for something to happen and have the mind over flooded with thoughts; the practice of meditation can be a daunting task, and you can even feel overwhelmed by it. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 20 tips to help you get in that environment inside and outside: to begin implementing this sacred practice more regularly in your daily life.

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1. Practice leads to perfection: search time for meditation

When you’re starting, it
is important to continue regularly. You may not notice the benefits immediately, but the more you practice, the easier it will quiet the mind and enter the state of relaxation and clarity allow success. Even with just 5 minutes a day, this ensures you stay on track.

2. Start with breathing

Begin each workout breathing deeply, inhaling and then exhaling slowly and focus only on your breathing.

3. Get rid of any of all your frustrations

It is completely natural and normal that you feel frustrated, as you
learn to meditate. Try not to hold on to these thoughts, and do not try to stop them . Let go through your mind and go, and returns to focus on breathing.

4. Pick a specific room in the house to meditate

Try to choose a room in your house that is free of distractions or loud;
Preferably choose a room with minimal electronic devices.


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5. Create a space pac í fico

Consider having weak or no lights burning some candles and some incense or some relaxing essential oils (like lavender) can help your mind and body feel relaxed and at
ease. Create environment.

6. SEAGA u rat and not to distract you

Let your family, friends or colleagues know you’ll be busy for the amount of time allocated and do not interrupt;
Put the phone on silent.

7. If é ntete parts of your body

The first time you start, while you focus on breathing, consciously try to feel every part of the body, starting with your
feet. It is not physically touch the body parts just feel them . After feeling your feet, feel the ankles, calves and so on. This is a great technique to enter a state of meditation.

meditacion for 100 days

8. Make a commitment
be committed to practice.
For long term, if you can not find the time to incorporate 5-10 minutes a day to your life for meditation, then you definitely have some big problems that need to be resolved.

9. Start slowly

begins to practice meditation for only 5 minutes a day.
Every time you feel more comfortable, and you can gradually increase the time.

10. Read a book on meditation or n

For more tips for meditation, and to learn about some of the benefits and other simple tips.
You see what you find.

11. CD s of meditation or n guided om ú music to meditate

If you have trouble clearing your mind sometimes listen to
a guided meditation CD can be excellent to give you something to focus on . Listen to the mind can only follow the instructions.

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12. Pr to ctica be “present” throughout the d í to

During the day, while driving, at work, during lunch, clean or whatever, find some quiet moments in your day to quiet the mind and take a few deep breaths.

13. Experiment with different positions

can try the typical yogi position “lotus”, sitting cross –
legged with each foot on the opposite thigh leg, can sit on a chair, palms up, you can set whatever you want. As you feel more comfortable, you’ll find the position that works best for you.

14. Experiment with different t é techniques

There are so many different ways to meditate: breathing techniques, guided meditations, transcendental meditation, binaural beats, sounds of rainforest, etc.
Experiment with what works best for you and put you in that state more effectively.

15. Be detached from any and all expectations

The benefits you receive from meditation come in a variety of different ways.
You can receive messages during practice or even later in the day, you can have visions, you can have an OBE, or maybe not. If all you get from meditation 5 minutes a day is a clear head, it will be sufficient to relieve stress and bring peace to your life in a way that maybe you never thought possible. Do not get caught with what others claim to have experienced, focus on yourself and remember that you are doing this for yourself only. It’s not a competition; remember that there is no right or wrong way to meditate.

16. Considers meditate in the ma ñ ana

Meditando morning you can have a clear head and be ready for a leisurely start to your day.
It can help eliminate stress before it starts.

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17. Use the flicker of a candle as a focal point

Staring flame of a candle can help quiet the mind.

18. Set your intention or n prematurely

If you have a problem or decision you need to
define and are having trouble finding the answer, set your intention for what you want to receive during meditation. Do not expect to get a clear answer in the form of your own voice, but only pays attention to any feelings you may feel or signs that may possibly come next. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to stop thinking about it and let the answer come to you.

19. Display light flowing trav é s body

More specifically, if you think you’ve locked a specific chakra, you can actually see the white light coming from the sun on your body, it can help release the locks.
The intention to set aside any old emotional pattern and merge with the high vibration of white light.

20. Be grateful for your pr to ctica

Even if you
feel that you do not get much practice, do not give up. I was grateful to you, that you took your time to sit and meditate. The effects may not be apparent at first, but eventually appreciate it began.

Sure you will
find many more tips to improve or introduce in the practice of meditation. We hope that these few we leave you here to serve you!


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