Relaxation techniques: Why going for a walk will change your life (and a little challenge!)

Relaxation techniques: Why going for a walk will change your life (and a little challenge!) 3

Relaxation techniques and go for a walk

More and more people of all ages and both men and women, who go for a walk or run daily.

Did you know that exercise so simple can change your life and get closer to your goals?

And not only that: save yourself a few minutes a day to walk or run soft make you feel more optimistic, you are in peace and harmony and significantly increase your motivation.

This was revealed an investigation published by the magazine Runner’s World (one of the most prestigious in the world of sport), which has been shown to spend a few minutes a day to run slowly is full of benefits for the body and mind.

Is why from the Silva Method we propose a special plan: take a few minutes a day to exercise and compagines with the Silva Method (if you have the course can start with our free lessons to learn to meditate with the famous exercise Alfa centralization by clicking here).

Actually, the changes are IN-CRE-Í-BLES .

Moreover, not only will you feel better, but you’ll notice how your life changes and you live better and better every day in total harmony.

Do you sums to the challenge? The changes are so amazing you’ll want to have started earlier!

Relaxation techniques: Discover the 10 benefits of going for a walk (or run smooth)

# 1) Provides good feeling. After performing several kilometers softly you’ll notice that you’re feeling better, more relaxed and at peace with yourself.

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# 2) Improves physical and emotional well – being. Running often increases physical stamina but also helps regulate sleep, weight control, promotes and accelerates the disappearance of headaches and other muscle aches, your legs are lighter and helps to improve mood.
Also suggests a relaxed, it helps clarify ideas and clears the mind.

# 3) cleans the arteries and lungs. Aerobic training we conduct the run is ideal for cleaning the arteries of impurities.
The same goes for the lungs. In fact, research conducted in Britain with more than 25,000 smokers was found that those who quit smoking and get train running for more than three years in a row can clean your lungs.

# 4) tones muscles, strengthens bones and cartilage strengthens. We got to run strengthen muscles and tendons and therefore bones.
But not only the legs, also the back, abdomen and arms lesser extent benefits.

# 5) Clears the mind and clarifies the ideas. This I know very well experienced brokers, who use it as therapy to relieve stress and clear your mind. Within minutes we started shooting, the head thinks twice as fast. There is nothing to further clarify ideas.
But also, go jogging gives dose of creativity and is a great partner to find solutions to the problems (and benefits are much more powerful if you also practice meditation!).

# 6) Stylize legs and body. There is no other more effective way to get exercise stylize the legs and the body than regular shooting. This weight is lost, the muscles tone, straightens the back and the facial skin is stretched.

# 7) increases the defenses. Simply running stimulates the creation of adrenaline, which in turn stimulates defenses and prevents colds and minor illnesses.

# 8) increases breathing capacity. While running also significantly increased the lung capacity. Running quickly notice the volume of air that can inspire is much higher.

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# 9) Increases the volume of the heart. The heart is an organ composed of three main types of muscles, working them , are susceptible to a big improvement.
By running a few minutes a day we can increase volume and achieve lower your heart rate, as each beat moves more blood.
That also will lower blood pressure, and will diminish the risk of vascular problems.

# 10) It makes you more optimistic. Roll to dissipate tensions and causes the secretion of endorphins or hormones of optimism. These substances cause runners have less depression and anxiety than sedentary people.

Relaxation: Special Plan Silva for you

You probably already know all that meditation can do for you (if not, read our article “100 reasons to meditate”), but it is also shown that if it combines with a daily minutes of physical exercise changes they are even more evident.

So now that you know all that meditation can do for you, and now you also know the benefits of jogging, we propose a special plan
in 3 steps if you incorporate into your day to day you will begin to experience many benefits:

1) Spend at least 30 minutes to walk or run smooth.

3 or 4 days a week is enough, and if you can not or do not want to run then walk … The point is that your body move (in this case, we recommend you read our article “Meditate while walking”).

Choose the best time of day for you, and get going!

2) incorporates meditation into your daily routine.

Silva Method of meditation to improve any area of ​​your life, but that is only the basis for awakening the total potential in your mind and staying asleep.

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Away from bad habits to solve problems, ward off stress or wake up at any time without using the alarm.

That, coupled with the benefits of sport, will increase your well-being and your desire to get your accomplishments will increase.

If you want to know more about everything that can make the Silva Method for you, what it is and what the scientific community says about it.

And if you want to start learning to meditate on Alpha and learn techniques and tools that will change your life we ​​recommend downloading our free mini-course.

3) Thanks and displays. Every night spent five minutes thankful for everything you have for small, and then put to visualize in great detail everything that you want to achieve (if already started the Silva Method, then you can use the different visualization exercises we share in the course) … that will improve your emotions, you will lie in a better mood and arise with more energy. And if you want, repeat the same thing when you wake up????

Actually, walking (or running, depending on your preferences and situation) can generate a huge impact on your life, and meditation joined the results are even greater.

Our recommendation is to begin to implement this routine “exercise + meditation” and let yourself be surprised by its amazing benefits.

If you want to live longer and better, be more optimistic, live more relaxed and have better mood, and you also want to find a solution to your problems, awaken your creativity and realize the potential that is within you, then this challenge you will like.

What do you think of our plan to improve your life? Do you sums to the challenge?

We hope your comments!