Mind Control: Your limiting beliefs are taking you away from the life you want

Mental control: Your limiting beliefs are taking you away from the life you want 3

Silva Method and limiting beliefs

What do you think about your health?

What about the possibility of meeting the love of your life if you have not already?

Do you consider yourself able to accomplish each and every one of your goals?

The truth is that for better or worse your beliefs determine your success, define your life and create your reality.

Absolutely all we have beliefs, and each contains a high energy charge thus creating a huge impact on your life .

When these beliefs make you feel good and enhance your abilities you are attracting into your life more successful, more welfare, more peace, harmony and prosperity.

But there are also other kinds of beliefs that do not make you much good. It is the beliefs that sabotage your dreams, limit your potential and become an obstacle to achieving your goals .

They are the limiting beliefs .

They prevent achieve your purposes, you achieve success in every area of ​​your life and you do the rest of your life the best of it.

Learn to challenge them is the first step to improve your quality of life and be a happy, relaxed and balanced physical, mental and emotional person.

And that is because when your subconscious ceases to put obstacles, boundaries disappear.

Do you dare to travel back in time to ward off these limiting beliefs forever?

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Limiting beliefs: how you think your reality sets limits

Many of your beliefs are your early life, and are often related to parents, friends, family or aspects of education we receive.

Did they tell you that you have to work very hard to make money? Have you repeated that you are not smart enough to accomplish everything you set your mind? Did you stop believing that anything is possible for the simple fact of having had a bad experience? Do you want a better job but you think there will always be someone more prepared for the job?

All those thoughts a day or you created it passed eventually have been gaining ground in your thoughts and have finally become as certain beliefs that you take without even questioning them . And that puts limits on what if you can achieve.

All these beliefs have great power. And not only that: they are those that have guided you in how you lived your life and guide you on how to live the rest of your life.

Therefore, to achieve quality of life you want and achieve all your purposes, you have to challenge your limiting beliefs.

Silva Method: the ultimate solution to your limiting beliefs

Did you know that your mind generates about 50,000 thoughts per day?

Most of these thoughts are based on negative beliefs and are repeated day after day.

That means your subconscious sets limits to the life you want and deserve.

When was the last time you said “I can not” , “I can not” or “never make it ?

Those beliefs are three of the most repeated by people from all over the world; and not only prevent accomplish your purposes, but also you away from your well, you separated from a much more relaxed and happy life, and act as a wall to avoid Logres what if you can actually accomplish.

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Chances are if your life is not how you like it is because your beliefs.

But fortunately, all that can change if you learn to challenge them. And that’s something that the Silva Method takes into account.

Not only taught to develop a new way of thinking, but it helps to challenge and change limiting beliefs with effective and proven techniques successfully worldwide.

One is the mirror technique of Mind, which helps eliminate limiting beliefs and create other capacity in place.

If you want to know more, you can sign up for our free mini-course ” You Without Borders “: more than 90,000 people already tested. If you wish, you can get access to our free lessons here.

Tips: Learn to challenge your beliefs

As we told you, in the Silva Method we take the limiting beliefs as something very serious and vital. In fact, based on them your reality is created!

So if you did not purchase yet the course or you enrolled in our free lessons, we want to give you tips and exercises to help you produce your life away these limiting beliefs that do not do you any good.

1. To change a current belief must first identify it .

2. Write down everything you want in all areas of your life, and next write down what you think you did not yet . There will your limiting beliefs.

3. Make a list of all your buts . Each reflects a limiting belief.

4. When you have identified your negative beliefs, define the new positive beliefs that you want to create .

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5. Meditate every day to become aware of your new reality. Getting into Alfa daily will give you the opportunity to experience your new I and strengthen your positive beliefs (in our free course will have access to the famous exercise to enter Alfa in minutes).

6- Use creative visualization to achieve your goals and challenge your beliefs (learn how to do in this article).

7. Search real examples that leave your beliefs invalid.

8. Believe in yourself and in your right to have what you are looking for . And you think you’re worthy .

No matter if you want more health, more money, meet the love of your life, be successful and enjoy greater well-being and happiness. If you put your mind and learn to challenge your beliefs, there will be nothing to stop you to have the life you want.

It is true that takes practice, but with our free lessons (or the full course of Silva Method if you want more advanced results) will achieve say goodbye to your limiting beliefs and shut the door forever.

Before closing we would like to ask you a question: why do you think you manage not yet everything that you propose?

What are your main limiting beliefs?

Leave us a comment below this article that will help you to become aware of what limits you and it is a good way so that from the Silva team can continue offering you the best information for you to make the rest of your life the best of your life .