Intuition: 3 exercises to Strengthen your intuition With the Silva Method

Intuition: 3 exercises to strengthen your intuition with the Silva Method 3

and exercises to develop intuition

Would you like to learn to make better decisions?

Any doubts about whether that path is the right one?

Want to make the most of all the power in you to live the life you always wanted?

There is a way to achieve: developing your intuition .

She, the intuition , is what drives us to risk and overcome obstacles; which it helps us discover the opportunities that present themselves throughout life; which it is behind many achievements and successes.

It is the radar that helps us anticipate the outcome of a decision; the sixth sense in our bodies; that kind of spark in consciousness that brings the solution no one knows how or why.

But it is also able to direct us toward our goals … And the best: all have the ability to develop it.

And so you can start today we want to share you 3 techniques to unleash your intuitive skills in your day to day simple and practical way.

Exercise 1: Make a blind reading

Sit at a table with three blank cards.

Think of a question you’re trying to solve or a decision you should take and you type 3 solutions or answers for her, each on a card.

Then, turn blank cards up and down, shuffle them and place them face down on the table.

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Place your hands on each of the cards and note the feel of each.

Take your time to this process, do not rush and indulge yourself what you feel.

Then assign a percentage to each card based on how strongly you felt that each of you attracted it.

Tour cards and notes the response with the highest percentage.



Exercise 2: Play green light and red light

Imagine a traffic light where the red light indicates “no” and the green light indicates “yes”.

Ask questions or statements that have the answer yes or no … and concentrate on imagining what color the light turns after each question.

You can start with just say your name, place of birth or other simple data that will guide the start.

Then call yourself by another name and see in your mind changing colors.

And so on, advancing step by step through the difficulty level.

These types of games help build confidence in your own intuitive abilities.

Exercise 3: Find solutions while you sleep

Just before going to bed, reflect on the questions and issues that remain unanswered or solution in the day.

Think and includes different possibilities; This will activate your imagination and your subconscious will work to find creative solutions while you sleep.

Make sure you have paper and pen handy so that when you wake up with great ideas and contributions, either at midnight or in the morning, you can write them down.

Ideally, you take a few minutes every day to perform any of these exercises (or even 3).

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And the best thing is that despite being very simple produce great results!

What did you think? Which one did you like the most?

We invite you to take 5 minutes to do the most you liked and tell us what you think of it.