First Story Silva, what is yours?

We are collecting experiences and Silva viviencias of all students, and today we want to share a very special story …
Pepe and his daughter tell us their story Silva

Pepe and his daughter tell us their story Silva

One of the most positive people I know, besides enterprising is my dad, I remember siemrpe before bedtime when we had like 8 or 9 years to go to bed we said to rest sleep well and when you wake up you’ll be very happy, satisfied and perfect health .

Phrase is almost 30 years depues my brothers and I keep hearing as if it were yesterday.

Was the best thing now that I’m Dad My daughter is almost two years since I was in the womb of my wife I said: daughter when you come to the world
you’re going to be a happy, healthy and strong baby, when born to lay her all night we say the same words that my dad used: Fernanda you go to
sleep, you will dream about nice things and tomorrow when you wake up you’ll be very happy, very satisfied and in perfect health. What will our
experience that when Fernanda was 18 months in a family meal the whole family commented sure your daughter is program to always be cheerful and
happy because he never cries.

It’s impressive but Fernanda is the funniest girls I know and people who have care always comment
Hey, your daughter is always good someday cries.

In the two years of its life alone it has sickened five or six times. I attributed it to use the phrase every day.

Now I live outside my country and the situation is different in terms of my work, I wanted to take the course of silva method in Mexico, but hey I could not but buy it online and every day when I go on the truck or road or run, I listen and my life has become calmer and controlled by me.

Al Incio felt that many things happened but using meditation techniques and programming I felt much better, more productive and
mostly calm.

Now I am studying a new language and used the Silva Method techniques to learn faster and remember more, for now I’m working on unlocking the cobwebs or strings that I have against the language are those that will not let me move as I wanted.

The course is clear, simple and easy to use and got my ipod recordings and hear all the time. In addition to what I like most it is that the titles describe what he says and is easy to find what I want to meditate or to return to enteder the subject.

The results obtained are several:

I like to run and occupy the technique of the three fingers to schedule me before running and feel strong, healthy, happy and vigorous during the hours
I train.
I spend situations I reinforcement and reinforcement for example when I leave the truck is coming I have to wait that long.
I am very temperamental, but when I start to feel that burning want to scream or throw things I stop breathing and use the technique of three
, I am now much more aware of these jumps of humor and like this help me to be calm and happy with myself.

I liked the course so much that my wife asked to meet him and share and now her and also began to listen to him and says things that make me
feel happy, so the two are happier.

We continue our daughter programming positively for their benefit and we began to make statements and statements positvas
to improve our future, now.

I would recommend this course. To me I have helped not hurt myself while I train, I run marathons and is very simple that evil thoughts come into your mind and take ownership and make pieces the morale and attitude so when I start to run I hear a meditation use the technique of the three fingers and start to run. It gives me energy, strength and good cheer.

Right now I’m doing meditations for a friend of mine who have cancer and I’m sure if you’re serving because it will improve.

I am convinced that this method works because well over 50 years ago my dad took a great person and now I am living and
helps me a lot. I take it live and will be soon.

Here I send you a picture of me and my daughter, thank you.

My name is:

Pepe Duarte
live in Vancouver Canada.

Pepe Thanks for sharing your story! If you have a story to share let us your comments and we will contact you.