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What is the most reliable method to learn meditation without an instructor?

What is the most reliable method to learn meditation without an instructor? 3

Basic meditation guide for beginners

What is the most reliable method to learn meditation without an instructor? 4

On this page we have always advocated simplicity and minimalism in everything we do in our lives , so we believe that there is no need for an extensive guide to meditate, and the system should be as simple as possible.

This is a mini guide to meditation techniques for beginners , for beginners, simple and practical. It is simply to learn to walk in this world, where I expose what works for me. If you want to take more steps, I recommend that you look in other sources or put yourself in the hands of a professional, that there are and very good ones.

What is meditation?

Meditation is the simple practice of a state of concentration. Our attention can be focused on many things during meditation: our thinking, our internal energy, our own consciousness, the same concentration, or external objects. To meditate is to let ourselves flow , leaving aside the body and the mind, focusing on the here and now. We let our mind be free, without looking at the thoughts it creates, so that they flow in and out.

Meditation is one of the techniques used in mindfulness, so fashionable in these times.

If you want to know something more about what mindfulness consists of, I recommend you read our mindfulness guide or mindfulness.

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What is meditation for?

In my opinion, the use of meditation techniques will help us and much to improve our quality of life.

One of the purposes of meditation is to reach the serenity of the mind. – Share it!

    We will achieve a much calmer mind, self-healing is stimulated, improving the immune system and also provide us with greater awareness and creativity.

It also spurs and reinforces the brain areas assigned to happiness.

The Buddha was asked, What have you gained with meditation?

He answered:

Nothing. However, I tell you that I have lost my anger, my anxiety, my depression, my insecurity and my fear of old age and death.


Types of meditation

Fundamentally and historically there are 2 types:

Some meditation techniques focus on experiencing and perceiving full consciousness , while others focus on a particular object to achieve that concentration. It may be easier to start meditating on the latter.

In the meditations without any object , that is to say the first ones, the mental images are let flow, as well as the sensations, emotions, impulses and corporal energies without acting on them.

Now I’m going to talk about some of the most popular types of meditation (there are many more) so you know where the shots go. Do not be scared that everything is much simpler than it may seem. In addition you can meditate without any religious component, that will depend on you.

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