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What are some unusual benefits of meditation?

What are some unusual benefits of meditation? 3

Unusual meditation

Meditation is important! “Yes. But it’s so difficult! “, – you will say. And you will be partly right.

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What are some unusual benefits of meditation? 4


We, modern people, really have difficulty in understanding what “meditation” is . However, there is no doubt that the “silence and rest” sessions are extremely important in our busy and chaotically active life, but … just sitting on the pillow for an hour – may be beyond our capabilities.
Thoughts begin to behave completely dishonorably – they rush in the head, knocking each other on the fly. The body starts a whole provocative attack, then the leg is reduced, then the back is completely wronged, then the hiccough or a fit of coughing will prevail.

How to be? How can one make a daily habit of allocating time for solitude with oneself?
In this article, I suggest that you consider several unusual ways of meditation. I hope that each of you will find something that isacceptable to you.

Unusual kinds of meditations

Meditation walk

Good news. You can not only meditate while sitting! Of course, sitting meditation is a classic of the genre, but you can meditate on the go. A simple walking tour can become a powerful meditation leading to a relaxation of emotional tension. Movement and meditation are well combined: so meditation teaches you to be aware of what happens to you when you are moving through life.
A walk alone can create a miracle. She already sets herself on philosophical reflections. The beauty of natural and urban landscapes calms and tends to a more relaxed pace of life. It does not matter where you are going. The very process of walking alone is important. About the benefits of walking tours hotel article Provitri brains or what makes walking on foot.

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Unusual meditation

In our time, this type of meditative walk is gaining popularity, such as a walk through the labyrinth. In the classical labyrinth, there is always only one way to the center – it is he who symbolizes the path to himself. A man enters a labyrinth and slowly starts spiraling towards the center. Sometimes such a procedure is accompanied by special meditative music.

Feeling of walking through the labyrinth can surprise you. Beginning as a diversion from ordinary business, walking through a labyrinth, as a rule, develops into a thoughtful study of yourself and your life. In general, it is necessary to try!

Meditation in motion

Opening the idea of ​​meditation in motion, I note that the most popular in this direction are the two oriental practices – yoga and qigong. Two different traditions. Two different cultures. Two different approaches. But in general, both yoga and qigong can be defined as meditative systems for training the body and mind.

meditation in motion

Meditation is an important part of both practices. Slow quiet qigong movements or a sequence of asanas, smoothly flowing one into another – all this creates a fertile ground for appeasement and contemplation of one’s inner world.

There are many other meditation systems in motion: for example, “tai-tzu”  is a martial art presented as a complex of slow, soft and tonic exercise, as well as dynamic meditations, dances in ecstasy, dance improvisations and others. The choice is for each of us!

Meditation in sight

All people are different. What suits one may not suit another. Some people do not perceive meditation in motion (in any of its forms), nor breathing techniques, but they are able to work with their own imagination and use “creative visualization” or “directed imagination”, often not knowing about it.

For those who have developed imagination and the leading channel is the visual channel of perception of information, meditation in the eye, aimed at  some object (real or imaginary) can become a serious tool for self-improvement.

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There are special pictures – mandalas. Man focuses his attention on such a picture. He can contemplate it  for a while or work with his imagination, presenting some images. All this is done by the power of reason and inner vision.

meditation in sight

Some people are able to focus on imaginary images. What a person sees in front of his imaginary eye, allows him to expand the boundaries of the world and  truly produce changes in his life. It is proved that our brain does not distinguish the difference between emotions from real events and from imaginary ones. Thus, the positive and quite realistic images of our life-affirming future form the energy necessary for us to realize our goals and change our lives.

Just remember yourself as a child! As babies, we constantly resorted to the power of imagination. And she (this force) helped us. Having grown up, we, unfortunately, forget about it. And in vain!

Meditation in the breath

Breathing is the “engine of life”. Without breathing a person can not live. Proper breathing is the way to health, activity and longevity.

The ability to control one’s breathing is one of the most valuable skills that a person can master. Correct breathing benefits both the body and the mind.

“Breathe deeply, you are excited!”. The winged phrase does not lose the importance of the call in it to learn to control breathing.

Breathing exercises can be an excellent point of concentration during meditation. The list of such exercises, which teach proper breathing, is quite extensive. We will certainly refer to it in one of the following articles.

Meditation in a dream

Yes. And so it also happens – you can meditate in a dream.

In essence, meditation is the merging of the sleeping and waking states. Some researchers believe that meditation is a combination of conscious and unconscious states. Exactly the same definitions can be summed up under the concept of sleep. Does this mean that a dream is a process of meditation?

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Perhaps someday, scientists can still find the true basis of such processes as sleep and meditation, and determine the degree of their similarity or differences from each other. In the meantime, we can quite replace the meditation of dreams. If you find it difficult to sit and meditate, refer to your dreams. Before going to bed, put a notebook and a pen on the bedside table. In the morning, wake up, write down your dream as soon as possible. In dreams, there can be a lot of useful things: important information that eludes you during the day, new and often unexpected solutions to painful problems, bright pictures of a bright future. Your dreams can be a good help in the matter of knowing yourself. Just trust your intuition in interpreting dreams.

Meditation in creativity

Meditation can be anything, anything! The main thing is to enter the “stream”! A flow is when you completely immerse yourself in  abusiness, when it absorbs you entirely. At this moment all over the world everything ceases to exist. Remain only you and your business. And no matter what you are at this point in time busy – draw, write poetry, create sculptures and stuff.

Such meditation in the work gives an excellent opportunity to throw off all unnecessary, already unnecessary, throw out sore, and at the same time to be enriched with new emotions, and possibly to discover hidden talents and abilities. And, at last.

Meditation in life (one little advice)

Who goes slowly and slowly, there is no long road. Jean de Labruier

Stop it. Look around. Consciously, moderate the pace of life. And you will notice that as soon as you stop fussily running through life, everything will immediately fall into place: you will start to succeed everywhere, you will have time to realize yourself and to comprehend your daily actions. This is the most unusual meditation. Meditation, a lifetime!

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