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Can meditation boost your intelligence level?

You can be smarter in less time than it takes you to have breakfast. If you learn how to meditateyou can achieve it, since new neuro scientific studies agree that with this simple habit you can achieve it.

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Can meditation boost your intelligence level? 3


To begin with, there are two types of intelligence that you must understand in order to increase your IQ.

The two types of intelligence

There are two types of intelligence: the crystallized and the fluid.

The Crystallized intelligence is your ability to use information. It’s about your skills and experiences. These increase with age and are used by most Western cultures.

The fluid intelligence is your ability to identify patterns, use logic and problem solving. In essence, it implies your creativity , awareness and innovation.

It is easy to increase your crystallized intelligence; you can read more, collect more data, listen to podcasts, etc. However, fluid intelligence is different, it was commonly thought that it took much longer to develop it … until now.

New studies have shown something surprising about how to meditate.

It has been shown that the key to increasing your fluid intelligence is meditation. It’s also good for your mental health, it can also make you smarter .

This result was long lasting. A year later the participants who followed and learned how to meditate proved to have developed their creative and concentration skills.

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This study published in Consciousness and Cognition showed that, just after 4 days of daily meditation, the participants showed improvements in memory, concentration and reduced stress levels.

Why does meditation increase your IQ?

what the successful understand of the mind

It is believed that the main reason why learning how to meditate  improves your IQ is because it decreases the activity of brain waves, which allows the brain to increase its plasticity and reorganization.

Of course, information like this always leads to the question:  how can I practice meditation?

Knowing how to meditate is not difficult, but it may take some time to get used to the exercise. If you get used to practicing regularly, you will begin to experience the benefits that so many research studies are demonstrating.

Here are some guidelines for mastering how to meditate with the breath. You can do these exercises for just 5 minutes or as long as you want.

Sit in a comfortable position

Leave your eyes closed or you can look down. You can sit on the floor or somewhere comfortable.

While sitting, concentrate on the physical exercise of breathing. The best you can do is focus on the up and down of your chest-or abdomen-when you inhale and exhale through your mouth or nose. Focus on the feeling that comes with breathing.

Avoid distractions

It is very natural to find a scattering of thoughts and feelings while practicing respiratory meditation. You must not block these distractions.

Observe the element or event that caused the distraction in the first place and move on to breathe again.

Mental discipline meditationDo not fight with your mind

Practice breathing meditation, study and observe your attention and focus on the next breath.

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Do not be tempted to do any other activity while meditating

The key is to keep your attention and concentrate on your breathing.

When your mind starts to blur, inhale and exhale

When you are about to stop open your eyes kindly and focus on the environment that surrounds you. Be aware of the feeling in your body.

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