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What are the best meditation techniques?

What are the best meditation techniques? 1

The different meditation techniques and their benefits

There are 8 categories, or areas of application of meditation. All have their particularity and come in multiple techniques, each bringing their particular benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Presentation.

meditation techniques


The different meditation techniques and their benefits

The 8 areas of meditation each respond to particular needs. Over time, you learn to identify them and use the techniques that relate to them, depending on your current state of mind or your goals.

The different categories of meditation:

  1. Calm and center
  2. Live carefully
  3. Heal the body, the mind and the soul
  4. Get in motion
  5. Generate love and compassion
  6. Solving the problems
  7. Make dreams come true
  8. Connect to the divine

You can go from one area to another depending on your needs. But at first, it is important to become familiar with the “Observing your breath” technique. It is the basis of most other meditations, taught by Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Its power and efficiency are still verified every day.

Observing one’s breath is a meditation technique for Calming and Centering .

1 – Meditation techniques to calm and center

meditation techniques

Meditation helps to focus in one’s body and calm the mind. The related techniques provide peace and quiet that are valuable assets to endorse the responsibilities of life. They have been tried for centuries.

This is the case of the meditation “Observe his breathing”. This is the most important meditation. All other techniques relate to it. When practiced for the first time, it may seem trivial or useless, so simple is it.

Practice “Observing your breath” two or three times a day for a week. You will begin to feel its benefits. This ancient meditation is very effective in reducing anxiety and mental “chatter”, as well as lowering blood pressure and heart rate. It also promotes concentration …

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2 – The meditation techniques to live carefully:

Now that you know how to calm and stabilize your mind, you can undertake meditations that help to become more attentive and aware.

The practice of attentive meditation teaches how to focus our consciousness and expand it. It can be practiced everywhere. It removes distractions from the mind and makes us truly available to our task. It also improves our relationships by allowing us to be totally present for our loved ones.

When you live your present carefully, life is enriched considerably. The beauty of your environment is revealed to you.

Our attention does not focus solely on external things. It also allows us to explore our vast inner world, to move towards a better understanding of the mind as the body. Focused meditation shows us little by little what are the usual mental and emotional patterns in us. We can identify them and then decide whether to keep them or not.

3 – Meditations to heal the body, the mind and the soul

By learning to calm down and centering, then practicing attentive meditation, we begin to glimpse the potential of our mind. Meditation to heal helps to overcome psychological ailments and distress. It helps prevent disease and increase longevity.

During our life, we tend to take bad habits, such as addictions to all kinds of products or practices harmful to the mind and body. In order to achieve healing, meditation helps us adopt or regain healthy habits.

Moreover, the first of the meditations to heal is the “purifying fire”. It invites us to burn our bad habits.

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4 – Meditation techniques to get in motion

meditation techniques

It is here to leave the sitting position and immobilism for the moving meditation.

Meditation is not just a mental practice, it is a body-mind experience. Moreover, the sportsmen speak about meditative state and spiritual awakening in the practice of their discipline.

When you begin the meditation sessions, staying still can be difficult. The meditation in movement is recommended, it offers a wonderful alternative to the traditional sitting position.

5 – Meditation techniques to generate love and compassion

Love and compassion transform lives. They mitigate bad feelings and expand the heart and mind. They make life tasty. Finally nothing is more important than love and compassion.

“Tonglen” is a meditation that shows how to absorb your suffering or that of others by inspiring and then exhaling it in the form of love and joy. This Tibetan Buddhist ancestral technique is one of the most satisfying of all.

Other meditations of love or compassion can recognize the unconditional love of someone, or allow themselves to forgive to heal old wounds. These meditations inspire peace and serenity.

6 – Meditation techniques to solve problems

Meditation helps solve problems because it helps to focus on what is wrong. To calm the anxiety of a stressful life, meditation is a good and healthy solution. Then the meditation will deal with these problems more effectively.

Sometimes a different point of view can reveal the good that is hidden in a crisis. At other times, it is simply fear that directs us and prevents us from acting. Meditation reveals this. What becomes more obvious to us may be working more effectively then.

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Dealing with professional demands, driving out negative ideas are areas facilitated by meditation.

7 – Meditation techniques to make our dreams come true

With focused attention and visualization, we work to create life as we want it. Meditating on what we want to see happen allows you to focus your energy. It is an effective way to support efforts undertaken elsewhere for a particular purpose.

Through meditation, the subconscious transmits its strength, and influences reality. It also helps to understand your motivations and to make sure that our commitment is beneficial to everyone.

From then on, different aspects of our life can be (re) discovered. Finding your childhood dreams, changing your environment, finding your soul-mate are all areas covered by meditation techniques. In practice, she invites us to a spiritual journey in these dreams that we wish to see become reality.

8 – Meditation to connect to the divine

Meditation techniques inspired by spiritual traditions of all origins make it possible to experience the sacred or the divine. They give access to a deeper knowledge of the spiritual thing.

Depending on the interest we have for one or more religious denominations, we find in meditation techniques that have been used by followers for centuries. One can meditate on beautiful Catholic prayers with “The Rosary”, or practice techniques referring to other great cults of this world, such as the “Wisdom of Kabbalah” in reference to Jewish worship, or meditate the “Sufi Way” for Islam.

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