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Which is the most powerful meditation technique in the world?

Which is the most powerful meditation technique in the world? 1

Powerful meditation flower of life

Powerful meditation flower of life and visualization created by Víctor Brossa to help you take advantage of the information of the Flower of Life pattern.

Powerful meditation flower of life


Powerful meditation flower of life

Powerful flower of life meditation:

Actually, just looking at this symbol would be enough. Víctor Brossa only explores the way to use art to help you receive the benefits of the information that this geometry contains. The idea is to use conscious art so that your unconscious mind receives and accepts the original patterns of perfection that lead you to feel better, more in you, more powerful or powerful. It is a game, it is creation, it is art applied to cognitive stimulation, it is simply using the image, the voice, the music … to take you to an open state that can benefit you. Recommended to listen to it the first few times with headphones.


This motif and many similar ones have been used since antiquity and throughout the world as an ornamental pattern to decorate all kinds of surfaces.
The divine branch creates, expands and develops absolutely every manifestation of life in the universal infinite. Everything is, exists and will be born from this DIVINE MATRIX. Each cell contains such information of perfect health, therefore in each Being memory dwells universal harmony and fullness, capable of reversing and transmuting all disease process aging and vibrational imbalance with our own intention.

The flower of life contains all the information about us, about who we are, about our origin, about what we truly are.
All forms of life have energy fields around the body that are coupled to this geometry. When we activate these energy fields in a concrete way, energy force fields are created that we can use to travel between dimensions and “ascend”. Activates positivism, concentration, control and orientation of our will, develops internal tranquility and gratitude for life.

The geometric pattern formed by 19 interlaced circles and inserted inside a sphere is the flower of life. By drawing 13 circles from the flower, we discover the most important and sacred pattern in the universe; it is the source of all that exists, it is called the “fruit of life”

By connecting the 13 circles the “Metatron Cube” is formed. Within this there are 5 three-dimensional forms, they are the “Platonic Solids”, these and all their combinations create all the possible structures in the universe. People who practice meditation relate that The Flower of Life manifests itself in physical, emotional and mental reality; in fact, there are several religious and philosophical traditions associated with the belief of the flower of life and that inside it contains patterns such as:

The Seed of Life Flower of Life, The Egg of Life, The Tree of Life, The Fruit of Life, The Platonic Solids, The Metatron Cube, The Golden Mean, etc.

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