Be sad or happy Two faces of a reality THAT IS

Being sad is not bad;  evil is not accepting it.

Being sad is not bad. This assertion sure you sounds crazy, but read on. The problem is not to accept it. This second statement, and you certainly seems like overkill and are about to leave this page, but I recommend you keep reading.


Sadness and misperception of reality that simply is.

Our emotional processes, are often a trap that we fall after sustaining a misperception on an interpretation of reality.

Acceptance of your emotion, is the first step to overcome what simply is here and now and also passenger.

Be sad, from the point of view of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is not something good or bad. As he noted by Christophe André in his book “The moods. Learning serenity “ ,” good mood, inner peace, confidence, serenity, but also depression, anxiety, nostalgia, irritation, despair, are a subtle mix of emotions and thoughts that accompany us at all times of life. “

The problem is when we enter a way of not accepting what at that moment that you live , and want to leave at all costs a situation, when in fact, from the non – acceptance, you provoke an emotional loop from which out easily.

Sometimes we are happy sometimes we are sad, we go through periods of serenity, going through dark tunnels that seem endless, but behind that being sad or happy, is your true essential self .

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I that remains immutable observer of everything that happens and we work in practice mindfulness or mindfulness.

I will express it differently. In one day the sky can be crossed by a thick fog that reduces visibility, noon to glorious sunshine and afternoon and after lower the sky, drop a enrome rainstorm, lightning and thunder that seemed the end of the world … and soon after, the clouds dissipate and again … but musty smell all day, and although we do not see … the sky was perfectly blue.

Not as we go through our own life ?. Being sad is not a definitive state as being cheerful neither is, but behind those emotions there that I can see that being sad and that being gay.

What do you think working with this idea ?. Sit in meditation is good practice to begin to “realize” that know how to accept without judgment, it changes … wow if you change !!.

The difference being sad to be happy or cheerful is considerable, yes, but try to run the state of sadness and try to hold on to the state of joy, without accepting that the two are inevitably passengers, it takes us on a vital road mode “roller coaster” that ultimately lead dangerous.

Being sad or being happy, to talk about two contrasting emotions, everyone could talk at length.

I would love to ordain a comment at the end of this post to keep talking about something so interesting, now I close this text with the words of the American writer Andrew Solomon , author of “The demon of depression” that being sad and depressions knows something, and even if you disagree with some of his statements on the subject says “I have discovered one thing I am forced to call soul, a part of me that could not even imagine before a day, seven years ago, hell make me an unexpected visit. Almost every day suffered lightning of despair and each time I wondered if I was losing control. Those feelings horrified me, but I know I have pushed me to look at life closer to find reasons to live and know hold me tight. I can not possibly regret the course that has taken my life. Every day, sometimes courageously and sometimes against reason, I choose to live. It is not a rare happiness? “

And the line between being sad or being happy is very weak, but the soul or essential self that allows us to act as mere observers of a reality that is without judgment, but without resigning, are force to “realize” that all simply here and now and from there take the course to be what you want to be.

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