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Yoga for teenagers

Yoga for teenagers 3

Many parents wonder if useful yoga
in adolescence. This is the period when the body is undergoing significant changes: the formation of a new shape, hormonal changes, violation of emotional balance. Should I do yoga to teenagers that affects the physiological functions of the body and the psycho-emotional state? Let us try in this article to answer this question.

We live in a world where information flows are constantly increasing, increasing speed of interaction in social life, professional areas, and more.
To be successful, we must be able to quickly receive large amounts of information to be able to correctly draw conclusions, make decisions, and still maintain the equanimity of mind, for only a calm mind is able to perform all of this. It is very important to keep the body intact. After all, in turn, good health and a strong development of the body are the basis for successful mental work, at least – its external manifestations. As a rule, due to the age characteristics of greatest interest among young people is the practice of presenting a certain call (karate, sambo, rock climbing, etc.), While, yoga refers to a calmer practices. But this does not mean that yoga can just relax. Quite the contrary, during the practice of yoga the body is active, but the mind relaxes.

During adolescence, the body undergoes significant changes, often uncomfortable.
Clumsy, awkward boys and girls begin to turn into strong men and beautiful women. yoga mildly affected during this period on the hormonal system, normalize metabolism, promote the formation of a harmonious figure. Yoga focuses on all systems and organs, all the muscles. Adjusted Skin and fat metabolism, develops correctly musculoskeletal system, blood circulation improves, the voice becomes more melodic, softens and purifies the breath. And most importantly, leveled character, avoiding the “obnoxious teenage” suffered by parents, teachers, and most of all – the adolescents themselves! Yoga classes contribute to the preservation of view: it is no secret that most of the “four-eyes” are precisely those in the transition period!

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Specificity of yoga for teens

Teenagers are most in need of vigorous activity and movement.
This is due both psychology (quickly get bored with monotony), and necessity. So that the distinctive feature of yoga for teens – it is dynamic. Dynamic movements help activate inactive joints and muscles, preparing enslaved the body, making it supple, more flexible. Dynamic has a positive effect on the brain: eliminates apathy and contribute to overcoming the various complexes and fears that impose restrictions on freedom of movement. The practice of yoga brings courage to the acquisition of grace, balance, agility, flexibility, sharpness of perception, as well as helping to develop the capacity for mental and physical self-control.

Unfortunately, there is no yoga centers offer special yoga classes for teenagers.
The children’s group teenagers refuse to go, but some groups of adults they may be uninteresting. However, this is not a reason to forget about the practice of yoga. With a strong desire to be preferred in such a dynamic type of yoga like
Ashtanga Vinyasa and Power Yoga .


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