Contemplation and meditation. The contemplative experience here and now. – Mindfulness or Mindfulness With Full Fullness

Contemplation and meditation.  Contemplative experience here and now.

Contemplation and meditation for this new time where the world seems lost in a radical materialism which is still seeking happiness where there is none. And if you look inside?

The contemplative experience” Olga Fajardo Edition Ed.Kairós


In a fast-paced world like ours, increasingly present words like contemplation and meditation are, but also mystery, enlightenment, mantra, prayer, union, revelation … Increasingly, in a world where material pathway seems to dominate everything, man seeking serenity and happiness on a path of contemplation and meditation that has gained momentum.

The book presents the Kairos publishing walks well in that regard. Olga Fajardo, responsible for the issue, has brought together eleven excellent experts who speak of the contemplative experience through mysticism, philosophy and art.

It is in the natural search enraizarte an intimate knowledge that helps to inhabit the space in which you live here and now.

If we speak of contemplation and meditation we are not talking solely with religious aspect in the strict sense of the term, but also on that side of secular spirituality because eventually, as Fajardo noted in the introduction, “these practices will not make us more spiritual, but they can help us become more aware of the spiritual dimension of existence, enhance certain subtle faculties and deepen them “because that way” they can join us in this endless transition into a more thoughtful and gentle life, more present and committed , more cheerful and serene, more humane and more contemplative summary “.

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In this journey of contemplation and meditation by which you walk through reading the book, you’re going to go hand in hand with people full of wisdom as Paul D`Ors which I recommend you read “Biography of silence”, Vicente Merlo I discovered through his book “wisdom and gratitude” or Dokusho Villalba, Spanish Zen Master I recommend “Zen in the market” and thus eleven great authors of contemplation and meditation.

The contemplative experience” is a book to have around in such a materialistic as the world we inhabit.

You will also learn to reading the key difference between contemplation and meditation is that “beyond experience, be it induced or spontaneous, conscious leads toward the contemplative dimension of being hum Year: be fully from an ethical commitment and spiritual”

Contemplation and meditation for life here and now.


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