Sate yourself. Mindfulness in medicine for wellness and presence

Heal yourself.  Mindfulness in Medicine for the welfare and presence.

With Heal yourself, I ask you not to take literally the title and open the book to dive in all an excellent find.


Heal yourself” Saki Santorelli Editorial Kairos


The two authors behind this excellent volume Editorial Kairos ( Saki Santorelli as author Jon Kabat-Zinn in the prologue ) can be considered as parents of mindfulness. Santorelli directs the prestigious Clinic Stress Reduction Massachusetts and thanks to Jon Kabat-Zinn, the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness has come to us a few years ago and today there are thousands who have transformed our lives through practice.

Heal yourself in witnessing a whole practical work 8 weeks exemplified in the therapeutic relationship between professionals and patients. Also we attended the dedicated work of Saki Santorelli going pouring into every page of the book with a good dose of respect, humility and good work.

Heal yourself is a book of life and health, energy and vitality and practice, much practice that it is essential to understand and live how mindfulness is changing us toward the path of serenity.

A log space built over time in those eight weeks of therapy of great interest to practitioners of mindfulness , trainers and medical staff.

Whether you’re already practicing mindfulness path, as if you want to start integrating the practice of mindfulness in your daily life, this book is a good primer for you.

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In addition to this interesting and enjoyable read, throughout the book we find practical proposals to carry out from everyday life.

Heal yourself talks about mindfulness in medicine to also learn that self-knowledge space is a way of healing will to make our personal space a place of understanding and good relationship with our personal spaces but also collective.

Independence from and interdependence. Everything is connected here and now.

I hope you enjoy this book as I have done.


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