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Proper nutrition of yogis

Proper nutrition of yogis 3

The three doshas – three of Ayurveda . To balance, harmonize their Prakriti, you need to recognize your Dosh, and based on this knowledge to choose a special meal. According Dosham can be divided not only people, but also food, and even geographic location – country and city. Thus, guided by the knowledge of Ayurveda and understand how to enhance their beneficial qualities of Prakriti, and weaken undesirable, you can greatly improve your health. Methods Ayurveda perfectly with the principles and methodology of yoga! You could even say that the practical wisdom of Ayurveda helps make yoga more effective.

The first thing that need to start researching the possibilities and limitations of his body – the definition of its basic
doshas – such as the constitution of Ayurveda . This can be done either on the table, which can be easily found on the Internet, or to see a specialist – for it is the pulse accurately determine your Prakriti ( “nature”).

The three doshas – the threefold nature of the body

Usually the body is dominated by two Doshi, one of which is of secondary importance.
Collectively we can say that people are tall, thin, choppy and nervous
usually belong to the wool

of type (sometimes called “Vayu”), muscular men of average height, power and anger – to the type of Pitt and the fat, slow, lazy – more all type of Kapha (or “Kafa”). For each Prakriti there are products that are not favorable ( “Doshi its” products withdrawn Dosh balance, excessively increasing its) and products that are favorable, harmonize Doshi impact on health – are products on the qualities belonging to other Dosham.

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Our Prakriti remains unchanged at the person all his life – Doshi will not change.
However, the change in the nature of the seasons, and our lives are changing their periods when Doshi slightly change their disposition, they may go out of balance for various reasons: the place of residence and the climate, time of year, even the weather! – as well as eating habits and daily routine, mind, mood, especially the practice of yoga, etc. Doshi imbalance manifested in the fact that the enhanced Dosha: Vata becomes even easier and more cold, Pitt – even hotter, and Kapha – very heavy. This is manifested in the form of behavioral disorders (anxiety, anger or apathy) of different ailments or diseases. Thus, for example, balanced Pitta dosha gives excellent digestion and health, but came out of equilibrium, can lead to heartburn, rashes, acne. Easy imbalance Prakriti can be easily remedied by taking a special diet consisting of the most favorable for his Doshi products. In severe cases, will have to take special herbs or make some procedures from the arsenal of Ayurveda, to “remove” excess Dosh from the body. Help is also recommended by an expert (doctor Ayurvedic) special spices, balancing doshas.

Bet in the game – our health

Theoretically, the Prakriti of all people the most favorable products, which contain all
three doshas in equal proportions. However, they know only three: unexpunged whole milk and cream during the first hours after milking , and black pepper. Today, fresh cream and milk morning? They are available, in fact, only in the village. In addition, in the body of modern man usually much Rajas, that a purely sattvic foods, such as whole fresh milk, poorly absorbed and forms gases. Although black pepper and should be possible to introduce into the diet, for example, rubbed with honey and drink in the morning, because it is an excellent tonic, it is clear that if we are not implemented yoga, sitting in a Himalayan cave, only one black pepper not last long! So we have to start “playing” with unbalanced food, the rate in this game – our health and well-being.

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Products that have the nature of Vata dosha , strengthen the nervous system, but weaken the mucous and blood circulation . List of products with wool qualities include: broccoli, oatmeal, olives, carrots, chestnuts, corn (also including cereals and porridge), cheese, figs, grapes, greens, lemons, parsley, salt, pumpkin, refined sugar, black tea. The coldest time of the year (spring warming) issue excitation Vata dosha is particularly acute if the Dosha present in your Prakriti or the more is the main.

Products with the nature of Pitta improve blood circulation, relaxing the nerves and mucous mint, celery, chocolate, coffee, cheese, onions, parsnips, peanuts, peas and other legumes, potatoes, soybeans, raw sugar, sunflower seeds, walnuts, wheat..

Products with the nature of Kapha strengthen the mucous, relaxing the nerves and blood circulation : avocado, mushrooms, cabbage and cauliflower, grapefruit, honey, cauliflower, lettuce, milk from the store (pasteurized, UHT), pears, persimmons, rice, spinach, tomatoes and turnips.

The general rule is to use this list is: when an imbalance of doshas (in Vata – irritability, nervousness, weakness, loss of concentration, cold, merzlyavost; Pitt – excessive acidity and heartburn, skin rash, anger, restlessness, at Kapha – drowsiness, apathy , obesity, accumulation of fluid in the body, swelling) should be more food, did not belong to your dosha.
For example, if a person eats, the constitution feels his energy “rolls over”, do not abuse coffee, drinking wheat, cheese, chocolate. When Kapha imbalance, it is not necessary to lean on honey, purchased milk, rice; in case of problems Vata – for some time to exclude popcorn, broccoli, white sugar, grapes, greens. That’s all these simple rules will help to become healthier and happier!

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Author: Alex Sokolowski

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