How to teach children to meditate With mindfulness

How to teach children to meditate with mindfulness.

When teaching children to meditate, a very important thing you must keep in mind is that they are children.


Teaching children how to meditate with mindfulness


Take definition of mindfulness, which is a human capacity that all human beings have to be aware at all times of the contents of the mind. Or as I like to say to those who practice with me, “Mindfulness is the ability of humans to make use of the tool of consciousness, in order to settle in the here and now and develop from the present moment all their capacities to enjoy the magic and the miracle of life “.

Well, until then agree. Only the definition, you can already guess the enormous benefits for the body and mind have the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness (just you enter the page “mindfulness” to realize them), but when what we want is how to teach children with meditation techniques mindfulness, things change.

Clearly, the base is the same, but the forms, as it can not be otherwise, are other.

If the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness should not be rigid and have to put heart rather than reason, when working with children, it becomes more important so the game is basic to start getting that practice mindfulness meditation.

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Among other things, that’s what I intend to do with the help of my friend and Director of the Library Hijar Las Gabias of Granada and its “Iti” which you can see in this video and interview with me about the book you can download when you subscribe to Plenacción. Teach children to meditate with mindfulness in a friendly and fun way.


And the idea is, from the game, show the children, who can understand how to work with your emotions , you can manage and control their impulses, which can respond to react to situations in everyday life, they can express their emotional states otherwise and can learn to calm down and be happy.

Teach children to meditate, is an option that are beginning to be taken seriously in many schools and parents are also many who see these techniques also the possibility of a new relationship with their children.

Here we are not talking about religion or indoctrination, or dogmas of faith are to be believed at “face value”. We’re talking about a path to serenity, humanism, cooperation and welfare.

When someone has any doubts about this, I like to tell them when to teach meditation to children with mindfulness or mindfully, as if you join a yoga class believing that it will take to become a ascetic, you’ll end up in some sect and to walk through life on the streets handing out nougat and dancing eyes rolled through the streets of your city. Obviously NO.

Teach meditation to children with the techniques of mindfulness or mindfulness, is to show the way for a better expression of your emotions, you provide them with a tool to be more vigilant in their relationships with themselves and with others and is also start teaching that true happiness they will encounter in this life is within you, what will make them strong, free, serene and committed to their peers and their environment.

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If you are interested or interested in the subject, whether you are a parent or working with children, when teaching meditation to children, I recommend a very good book that you are getting practices are games learn mindfulness with children.

This book Eline Snel “calm and attentive like a frog” is a good example of how to work with children in this regard.

Meditation exercises to teach children

Click on the book cover of Eline Snel to learn to meditate with children

In short, these are the clear benefits that you get when teaching children to meditate with mindfulness practices:

-a improved academic performance and learning

-Win in attention and concentration

-Regulation and expression of emotions.

-Increase the ability to know what happens inside and why it happens

-Improved social skills and development of kindness and compassion

And all through the game as you will find in the book of Eline Snel I recommend.

Because teaching children to meditate, as in the elderly, is discovering that what is extraordinary in the everyday.

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