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What are some tips for a glowing face?

What are some tips for a glowing face? 5

Yoga for a naturally glowing skin

Admiring these beautiful faces in the ads of beauty cream, we often wonder if we too could have a skin so young and so beautiful. Well, it’s not an impossible dream anymore! Now you too can show your skin healthy, radiant and attractive. And the good news is: no chemicals or expensive beauty packages. Just a simple four-letter-yoga- word and a shine on your face that you can keep for a long time.

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What are some tips for a glowing face? 6


But before talking about the solution, let’s first understand where skin problems such as wrinkles and spots come from.

Common causes of skin problems
  • Some women have premature wrinkles, mainly because of stress or unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol, drug abuse, and poor eating habits.
  • Acne is another skin problem usually in women of any age. Sometimes it comes from hormonal changes in the body. There is nothing to fear because it heals over time.
  • Bad digestion is also manifested in the form of pimples.

5 yoga tips for healthy skin

  1. 1. Do Asanas (yoga postures). They help increase blood flow to the head and face. Here are some examples: the posture of the Cobra, the Fish, the Plow, the Shoulders, the Triangle and the Child. These postures also increase oxygenation in the system, such as those called “chest openers”. All inverted postures, forward bending postures, therefore those that increase the blood supply to the head, can help to have clean and radiant skin.
  2. For some women, acne is more problematic in the summer, especially for those with oily skin. Cooling Pranayamas (breathing exercises), such as Sheetali and Sheetkari, can help provide a cooling effect on the skin and maintain its radiance. In addition, learn the Jalneti technique in Sri Sri Yoga and practice it every day. It facilitates physical and emotional cleansing. In this regard, the Shankh Prakshalan process taught at this course is also very effective. Make sure to do it once every six months.
  3. To improve digestion, try doing relief (Pavanamuktasana), Diamond (Vajrasana), Bow (Dhanurasana), Nadi Shodhan pranayama (alternate breathing), and Kapal Bhati pranayama (shiny skull breathing technique) posture. , having an empty stomach. Kapal Bhati, an effective detoxification technique, is aptly named since Kapal means forehead and Bhati means radiant. Due to the energetic exhalation in this process, detoxification occurs, the first effect is visible in the form of a naturally radiant skin.
  4. Meditate twice a day on a daily basis. The more you do it, the more you will radiate from the inside and the outside. Who needs makeup, then? Meditation is your natural makeup that lasts a long time and makes you beautiful!
  5. Practice at least 20 minutes of facial yoga exercises every day at home. These will help firm up the facial muscles. Massage your jaws to reduce stress, your eyebrows for a good dose of immediate relaxation, try “the technique of kissing and smiling” (use your lips as if you kiss a baby, then make a smile as wide as possible) to exercise your facial muscles And to naturally eliminate the toxins from the system, it’s also a good idea to do some fast-paced yoga exercises like the Surya Namaskar series that make you sweat.
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What are some tips for a glowing face? 7

Other tips to keep your skin radiant

Drink plenty of water: Warm water with lemon and honey helps to detoxify your system while keeping your skin clean and healthy. In addition, the Sutras of Patanjali Yoga mentions Shaucha, or the cleanliness of body, mind, and speech, as the first of five yoga rules.

Eat fresh: Make sure your diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. The papaya can do wonders for your skin. You can eat it or apply it on your face for a massage. The potato is also effective at reducing stains and scars, tanning and sunburn. Also, try to avoid excess fried foods or junk food as well as excess spices or sweets. Replace crisps or fried rolls with dried fruits or other healthy snacks. It’s also a good idea to check your body type – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha (a Sri Sri Ayurvedic doctor can help you define it) – and to know the type of diet that suits your own bodily constitution.

Rest well: When your body is deeply rested, it is automatically seen on the face. A minimum of eight hours of good sleep is ideal.

Apply natural things to your skin: Opt for ayurvedic facial packs. Sri Sri Panchakarma probably has an offer for you. These treatments are chemical-free, natural-herbal and leave your skin fresh, rejuvenated and radiant. Use ayurvedic scrubs for the face once a week and massage your face with an oil particularly adapted to your skin type. Vitamin E oil is recommended. Moisturize your face twice a day and especially wash it after a long day. Also, put water on your eyes at least 2-3 times a day. Give yourself a body massage once a week with an oil adapted to your body type, it cleans the toxins in depth.

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Smile: This is the best and easiest makeup you can apply on your face. The more you smile, the more naturally your face will shine! In addition, keep a positive attitude. The state in which you are is reflected on your face. Yoga practice can help you become positive; you will benefit yourself and those around you, and this positivity will make you shine!

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