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Can power yoga help reduce body weight?

Can power yoga help reduce body weight? 5

Power yoga for weight loss

For weight loss, power yoga is the first and most effective tool if you decide to give the body a physical load. In contrast to aerobic exercise, power yoga does not overload ligaments and joints. This kind of load is quite acceptable for fat people.

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Can power yoga help reduce body weight? 6


Power yoga forms the whole body, helps to correct the posture. It has almost no contraindications, unlike training with weighting, favorably differs from training based on several repetitions, because it gives a more serious load.

There are discussions about whether power yoga helps to make the body more beautiful. In this matter, it should be borne in mind that yoga, like any other kind of exercise, will not in themselves form a coherent figure. Because any classes of medium intensity can burn about 300 kcal per workout, if you do not use the correct breathing technique. If you breathe properly, you can burn more calories. If you are engaged in high complexity training – this figure grows to 600 calories. It should be borne in mind, however, that you must attend regular training sessions. This suggests that in addition to physical exertion, it is necessary to compose a competent diet.

Yoga and Nutrition

The positive side of power yoga is that by doing it you can make a menu with a very small deficit. And at the same time you can even afford small weaknesses. At the same time the volume of fat deposits will begin to decrease, the calories will begin to be spent on building muscles. It is known that the muscles are denser in structure and weigh more. Therefore, at first you can feel how the volumes go, but the weight remains the same.

With other types of physical exertion, for such an effect it will be necessary to compose a menu with a 20-25% deficit from the need for a day.

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Benefit from power yoga

Power yoga will help those who have a thin body. This kind of exercise will not dry the body, but will help to form a beautiful muscular relief, with proper nutrition.

Thus, power yoga will help not only those who have problems with being overweight, but also those who would like to add their figure a beautiful silhouette.

In the complexes of training in power yoga include slopes and deflections, deep breathing with the stomach, arms with arms and struts. Also important are exercises on balance, push-ups and static stretching exercises. Yoga strengthens all the muscles of the body. Since the change of postures is more intense, in comparison with classical yoga, the cardio load increases to an average intensity.

Power yoga helps to increase flexibility, activates the growth of muscle mass and promotes the recovery of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. This type of load is suitable for daily activities, because it does not cause overtraining and severe fatigue. Those who practice yoga seriously are trained daily. But to effectively lose weight enough 2-3 times a week.

Why is power yoga effective for weight loss ?

The intense mode of training helps to build a tight muscle mass, it does not let you down at critical moments. Trained muscles require more energy than untrained muscles. Muscular tissue is capable of

drawing substances from the tissues located side by side. And in the immediate vicinity is located just fat. This is how fat deposits begin to melt.

The muscular corset is necessary for normal thermoregulation in the body, and also causes blood to pulsate more strongly in the limbs. Power yoga will help in the fight against hypertension, since the vessels will not be constantly in a constricted state. Increases the production of such important for the splitting of fat hormones, like testosterone and somatropin.

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Complexes of power yoga exercises make it possible to work out all muscle groups, but do not lead to excessive volume increase.

Advice to beginners in training – to achieve maximum effect, each pose must be maintained to a burning sensation in the muscles (approximately 70-80 seconds).

Complex exercise power yoga for weight loss

Rudrasana – sumo wrestler posture

Can power yoga help reduce body weight? 7

 This exercise trains the calves and hips. The legs are set wide (about 80 cm), try to deploy the feet as much as your preparation will allow. Hands are folded in the “eastern greeting” in front of the chest. Keep your back straight. Then crouch so that the knees are bent at an angle of 90̊. Hips try to turn out as much as possible. Check that the pose is level, do not under any circumstances reduce the knees.

 “Virabhadrasana 1” – the pose of a warrior

 This asana trains the legs and back. Step forward with your right foot, carrying out the squat, bend that leg to the right angle in the knee joint. The left leg should be straight, and the heel is pressed to the floor. If this position is difficult to fix, unfold the toe of the foot slightly to the side. Palms clenched in fists, arrange in the chest area. Point your elbows back. Fix this position of the body when you do not fall over and stand straight. After achieving a burning sensation in the muscles, let yourself relax, and repeat the exercise with your left foot.

“Ashtanga-namaskar-asana” – the pose of eight points

 This is an excellent exercise for beginners. It can successfully replace the push-up, and you will work the muscles of the hands. Lie on the floor on your stomach. Hands bend in the elbows and press to the body, and place the palms under the shoulders, as when pushing. Raise the body 10 cm from the floor surface, and the support should fall on the palms, elbows, knees and socks.

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 “Vasishthasana” – the pose of the wise man

 Exercise for training of hands, deltoid muscle. Stand up smoothly and make a wide forward thrust with your left foot. Then, tilt the body forward and place your left hand on the floor. The palm should be directly under the shoulder. Turn the body to the left, and the left foot to the right. The right should be directed upwards. In this position, strain the abdominal muscles. Then do the exercise on the other leg.

Plank with support for the forearm

 This exercise is on hand and press. Lie on the floor on your stomach, arms bent at the elbows. The palms lie under the shoulder joints. Now you need to lift the body so that the back remains flat. The support of the body should be on the elbows and toes of the legs. The stomach is drawn in, the buttocks are tense. Do not bend your back in any way.

Navasana – boat position

 Will help to work out the press. It is necessary to lie on your back on the rug and lift the arms and body above the floor surface. The emphasis is only on the lower back. You need to pull your hands to your feet, and monitor the tension of the muscles of the press.

 “Shalabhasana” – the pose of a grasshopper

 Will help strengthen the back and lower back. From the prone position on your abdomen, arch your back in the lumbar region. Legs and body are raised above the floor. Socks need to pull! The support goes to the bottom of the abdomen. Keep an eye on the same line with the spine. Then stretch your arms back and up to a parallel position with the floor. This exercise will help to form a beautiful posture and a slender waist.

To quickly begin to lose weight, and then consolidate this effect, it is enough to perform this complex of asanas 10-15 minutes a day.

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