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7 Natural Weapons to Overcome Depression


7 Important Things To Combat Depression



After being diagnosed clinical depression at the age of 21 years, Lily Velez crowd was prescribed antidepressant pills. But the problem is that it made no effect at all. Over the years he realized that there is no general treatment for overcoming depression of any kind.

What works for one person may not work him anything else, or what was successful a season maybe in the next few weeks the winning streak will vanish.

Decide to recover your life and go away from the clutches of depression, you can accomplish, and you can begin to recover these 7 important weapons that I present then these weapons are considered especially useful to overcome depression:

1. Meditation.

Meditation lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, according to a study at the University of Wisconsin, increases activity in the left brain prefrontal cortex (which translated means higher levels of happiness and positive emotions), these are just some of the many benefits of meditation. Meditate even just a few minutes a day can give you mental clarity, tranquility and peace to your mind , which is what is needed to have a more optimistic outlook on life.

2. Community.

People who have social support (friends, family, people you trust) can cope better with stress and trauma , as their levels of cortisol (stress hormone) are reduced, this gives you a sense of belonging and purpose, and improve your self – esteem making it easier to overcome depression. In addition, touch plays a vital role in our overall health when you hug someone, a sense of security floods your body.

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3. Hobbies.

Perform activities to clear your mind relieves depression. That’s because they are a great source of adrenaline, it makes you emotions for life.

4. Exercise.

L 7 Natural Weapons to Overcome Depression 3regular physical activity releases endorphins which increase your energy , elevate your mood and improve your self – esteem. Fortunately for most of us, you do not have to be an athlete to get your benefits. Take the rake to remove the leaves from the garden, sweep the house, gardening, dancing, etc., can help elevate your mood and overcoming depression with more guarantees, as easy as those simple activities. You can also do such as cycling, aerobics, swimming or jogging.

You will also receive additional benefits for performing this type of outdoor activities, such as sunbathing with vitamin D, improve your energy, remove toxins from the blood, as well as improving your mood by sunlight.

5. Leave the negative media.

News around us everywhere on the internet, television, newspapers … The type of issue that can impact strongly digest our mood , especially in sensitive individuals. If you know something will change, then you choose to close the Internet browser to not check that page, or change the channel or turn over the leaf. Also consider the type of music you listen to , does this make you elevate mood or the opposite? Do you have a positive message?

When was the last time you took a break off the internet? Watching countless email messages every morning or stuff yourself with social media all day can make you feel sluggish, weighed down, depressed, no offense … You think that you’re going to beat depression? Stop saturate with this, take a break weekend, your mind needs a change.

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6. Professional Help

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma around mental illnesses of various kinds. We turn away from our problems and do not want to talk about them to avoid being labeled, judged or misunderstood. However, it is time to give ourselves permission to seek the help they need rather than remain in despair . Seek advice from a professional who knows how to treat or regular meditation may be what your body needs.

7. Self-Esteem.

This is perhaps the most overlooked weapon, but one of the most effective in overcoming depression. Many people balk at the idea of ​​pampering themselves, but when you do a “pause” to pamper yourself, you are valuing and honoring you as a person worthy of receiving happiness.

Whether massage therapy, manicures and pedicures, new clothes, a bubble bath, lunch at your favorite restaurant, or just post it all over your home with positive affirmations, show more love yourself every day is definitely the most effective remedies to overcome depression .

My recommendation for you:

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A hug,

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Elias Berntsson

(Source: Lily Vélez – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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