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How to Love Unconditionally



“I love you, but we need to have more money,” “I want, but if you were taller, thin, young and beautiful, I really feel at ease”, “I love you, but if I were recognized, famous and successful would better my life “,” I love you, but if you do not commit the same mistake almost always, it would be great “,” I love you, but … “, perhaps: I do not feel completely worthy (a) of love? For if I always find a “but” an “excuse”, a justification, an “ought” actually means that I am not willing unconditionally and try to make me believe in myself and others. That would be a mask, a force disguised as unfounded. But, whatever happens, whatever happens, be who you are, get the results you get, I always need loving me in my whole, not fragmented. It is not loving me and congratulate me on my achievements and on the other hand, descuidarme and desatenderme or leave me to indulge in my stumbling, on the contrary, it is where most I require to be lenient with my own self, giving me love and encouragement not to lose heart early.

Loving me unconditionally becomes a wonderful challenge when all understand my need for personal growth in life. Sometimes it is not easy and requires time and patience, but eventually everything gets at the right time and when you really are ready. Loving me is appreciate and respect all aspects of me, both as mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Consider a couple of examples of people who remind us of this crucial aspect for success in life and inspire us to love ourselves as we are, despite the self-criticisms we’ve had or sabotage by others:

A story that helps us in this process of “refresh” the consciousness of love that we owe to any circumstance is to Lizzie Velasquez. This person is from Texas, USA, was born with two diseases, one of which affects connective tissues and increases abnormally members of the body and the other makes strangely distributed body fat. So because of this physical negatively it impresses many, which is listed as “the ugliest woman in the world”. So, one day, at 17 he met by chance a video on YouTube entitled “the ugliest woman of the world” and was stunned to realize that there referred to it. In addition, he found a list of hundreds of highly disparaging comments he even said he should kill himself so ugly it was. She meanwhile, says he wept whole nights and felt his life destroyed. But despite all this, today you love herself unconditionally. His parents taught him to make the best of every situation. Remember also that at school teased her, then her parents told her she should go to school with my head held high and smiling and kind to everyone regardless of how they treated her. Currently he says forgive those who mocked her, not considering at all that their life is worse than theirs. Love unconditionally has led not only to face adversity with courage, but to help in some way to others encouraging them to be accepted as they are. Now it has about 240,000 subscribers to its YouTube channel. Many people feel grateful with your help. It is also influencing for representatives of the US Congress approved a bill against bullying.

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Thus, we find the strength and beauty of spirit that overflows in full swing, taking the best from such “painful” situation from the perspective of any ordinary person. She is not merely identified with a body, she knows that her being is much larger and lovingly serving a noble cause mission of service and support to others.

Successful and renowned singer Shakira arrived to present self-esteem issues. Behind the great security that shown in each of his concerts, there is a young woman who had to face serious difficulties not love unconditionally in the middle of his career. In 2001 he began receiving psychotherapy, which helped a lot in strengthening their self-image and interpersonal relationships. Until about twenty years spent more time fretting so lacking that he had. She wanted to be taller, have longer legs, straighter hair, etc. Also, very concerned about the weight, so to get a slender figure had to be very careful with food and exercise. It took a few years to learn to love unconditionally your body. After returning to regain self-acceptance and self-confidence, began to be projected forward into the future, feeling prepared towards achieving their aspirations.

So in short, she sought professional help, allowed to help, but also helped to herself doing whatever was in their power to feel at ease, in this case with their physical appearance … and he did, in fact, has successful and continues to thrive, meanwhile, enjoys the same time the family has built with her husband and children, the product of one of his greatest desires.

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Love yourself unconditionally is a natural right. It should not be confused with accepting the realization of inappropriate behavior, those that violate the rights of others. It is to take responsibility for their own actions without recrimination or whips be endless criticism or chest beating. It means recognizing my courage and my greatness despite the issues that are still in process optimization. It means giving me permission to be happy, without asking anyone outside, anyone out of me. Love myself unconditionally try not to ask me anything in return for loving me and try to provide me the best for my welfare, it means therefore never require me certain results of which will depend on my self and my self-confidence and security to my abilities.

Is it hard to really love ?, you is to love with open eyes, with sufficient fullness, clarity and maturity of the incondicionalidad? Then, looking to connect a little more with the heart than with the reasoning. Rests of many reasons that seeks to process your “logical” mind of course, is wrong when he is not aligned with love in all its glory. What happens when a child say to him: “You lost 3 subjects, this is the worst … you will be punished” or if instead we say, “You won 6 courses. More than a half. Good job, I know that every time you’ll do better and better “?. obviously changes the perspective right? thereby also changes the emotion that accompanied and then actions towards a much more positive. Thus reinforcing self-esteem will cyclically repeating again and again this process. But we have to wait for someone to come with us to encourage such incentives. We ourselves can we provide daily this compliment with love and it will be much more powerful and real.

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Having rigid and conditioned medium mentality, ego and mind, there will be errors even where none exist. Which has an open mind everything will be beautiful as experience and integrate the seemingly negative as part of the landscape and therefore not devalue their artwork.

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