With attentive Eat Mindfulness

Mindfulness attentive to eat.

“Attentive Eating. Guide to rediscover a healthy relationship with food. ” Jan Chozen Bays. Editorial Kairos.

With attentive eating, I bring you today an amazing book recently appeared with which, I am sure, you will discover a new relationship with food and with the act of eating. In a Western world of opulence in which this “Diets” are the order of the day (some really absurd and dangerous), in which the cult of the body can be absolute limits, Jan Chozen Bays, a pediatrician and meditation teacher shows us in a fun and easy new art the pleasure of eating based on the practice of Mindfulness or Mindfulness.



We live in a fast paced world and unaware of being. Fortunately, and increasingly, we watched as they appear small but steady changes to that dangerous trend of walking without knowing where you’re going or where you are, and these processes of personal transformation, also come highly reflected in our daily relationship with the act of eating. So fundamental and basic as breathing act.

Through 6 chapters under the headings of “What is eating attentive?” “The seven classes of hunger”, “Explore our habits and patterns with food”, “six simple guidelines for eating attentive”, “cultivate gratitude “and the conclusion entitled” teaches us eat attentive “Chozen Bays, trufando texts with different exercises and meditations contained on a CD that accompanies the book takes us on a delightful journey into a new relationship with food.

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Mindfulness as a practical approach to the present moment is the basis for this new relationship with food. This book is not a new method of weight loss, not a cookbook or diet. This is a profound reflection on our position when eating food.

The problem in our developed societies, is that we have lost touch with where we practice eating neglect and reflect our way of living accelerated without enough serenity to know, at all times, we put our machine.

Would you put bleach in your car or on your bike ?, you wash the face with sulfur? … so that we eat often true poisons for our health ?.

I’m sure you are getting the best answers in the pages of “Eating tuned.”

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