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What happens when all 7 chakras are open, and has anyone achieved this?

What happens when all 7 chakras are open, and has anyone achieved this? 1

How to open the chakras without straining: The most unusual ways

This is part 4 of the cycle about what human chakras are and how to balance them to improve their lives.
  • Part 1 – Chakras: How to use in everyday life
  • Part 2  –  Yoga for opening chakras. Bump your chakra with simple movements
  • Part 3  –  21 questions for the disclosure of chakras in the new year
  • Part 4  –  How to open the chakra without straining. The most unusual ways

Have you heard that it is difficult to open chakras? It takes years of meditations, physical and energy practices …

Now we will dissuade you!

We present the best simple ways to open chakras without much hassle.

This is done with the help of some special items . Just take them with you, place them in your house, apply them on your skin, etc.

And now, you are already practicing spiritual practice!

Bonus to readers 

Find out  what impact the chakras have on your life .

Why these ways to open the chakras work

  • Your faith . You think and believe that you tear off the chakras using these things – and it happens.
  • Unconscious reactions of the body . These objects affect your senses. You see them, feel the taste or smell, feel their touch to the skin, etc. Your subconscious mind “reads” this information and activates the corresponding chakras automatically.
  • The impact of energy  vibrations . Characteristic colors, images of chakras, stones, smells were not chosen by chance. They vibrationally correspond to each energy center, entering into resonance with it – and, in the end, strengthening its work.

How to apply these methods correctly

Here everything is quite simple. If you decide to harmonize your entire energy system – use things containing its full symbolism .

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If you want to activate any one chakra – choose an item individually for her and wear some time. The period of exposure is determined intuitively .

For example, you can apply the scent of patchouli for the sacral chakra (enhancing sexuality) before a date.

A decoration with a tiger’s eye, activating the solar plexus (will), wear several days during difficult negotiations at work.

Attention! Safety precautions

Although these methods are relatively simple, you should not think that they pass without any effect.

If you have a strong disorder with a certain chakra (and the corresponding sphere of life), the problem can become more acute. For example, you will feel some deterioration in your health or life situation.

This is not a “side effect”, but a signal that calls you to awareness.

Pay attention to this area, look for the causes of imbalance. You may need to perform more serious practices to harmonize the chakras .

But, in general, the following techniques are as safe and enjoyable as possible.

The best simple ways to open chakras

1. Clothing

Let in your wardrobe there will be several monochrome things of chakral colors (red, purple, green, etc.), and also with images of chakras .

Wear such clothes “for life” or use for special occasions, such as yoga or meditation.

how to open chakras: clothes


2. Interior items for chakras

Decorate your house with things that harmonize the energy system. It can be posters, pictures, mandalas , trappers, tapestries and batikas, and much more.

Most often these are handmade items. They will carry in themselves a designer “zest” and energy of the master, beneficially influencing your habitation.

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Well, of course, you can create them yourself !

how to open chakras: interior

3. Crystals and ornaments from them

This information block was prepared by the master of crystals Tatyana Fomicheva :

Ornaments made from natural stones can be helpers of the physical state and vitamins for the aura, if you choose them competently.

With their help it is possible to strengthen the weak chakra, to harmonize the entire chakral system, to make energy doping or shield .

Each healthy chakra corresponds to a vibratory gem. There are several gems for each chakra.

Intolerance of some stones indicates a poor performance of the corresponding energy center.

Here is a short list:

  • Root chakra – jasper, pyrope
  • Sacral chakra – carnelian, orange calcite
  • Chakra solar plexus – tiger’s eye, citrine
  • Heart chakra – aventurine, malachite
  • Throat Chakra – turquoise, aquamarine
  • The third eye is amethyst, sapphire
  • Crown Chakra – rhinestone, diamond

how to open chakras: stones

4. Images of chakras on the body

Symbols that have direct contact with the skin work fastest.

This method is suitable for rituals to enter a special state of consciousness.

And also for emergency activation of energy – for example, when you need to quickly recover from a shock situation.

Constantly wearing chakra images on the body is not recommended.

You can attach tablets or stones with symbols to the corresponding places on the body. Or draw their image on the skin.

If you do not know how to draw, there are chakras-stamps and temporary tattooson sale .

how to open chakras: body

5. Eating

You can strengthen the chakras and improve your health with proper nutrition.

Strengthen the will by eating a little honey and a pineapple slice; to strengthen clairvoyance, eat forest berries; support the heart with a cocktail of kiwi and green grapes …

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how to open chakras: food

6. Aromas

Aromatherapy improves the work of your energy centers and creates a special atmosphere in the house.

Now on sale there are natural oils, aromatic sticks and even cosmetics for chakras.

  • Root chakra – juniper, carnation
  • Sacral chakra – ylang-ylang, sandal, patchouli
  • Chakra solar plexus – chamomile, lemon
  • Heart chakra – rose, geranium
  • Throat chakra – sage, rosemary
  • The third eye is mint, jasmine
  • Crown Chakra – incense, lotus

how to open chakras: fragrances

7. Candles

“Chakralnye” candles are at the junction of interior objects and fragrances (because most often, they have corresponding smells).

But they belong to a separate category, because they contain the elements of fire .

By lighting such a candle, you symbolically activate any chakra. This is the special magic and beauty of the candles.

Even if you do not collect the entire collection, buy at least a red candle and regularly light to fill with vitality.

how to open chakras: candles

8. The Singing Bowls

The singing bowl is an ancient musical instrument that creates a sound due to the vibrations of the walls and the edge from the touch of a stick.

A deep, overtone-filled sound literally introduces listeners into trance .

To harmonize the chakras, you can simply listen to the singing of bowls of different sizes. And, of course, you are lucky if you find a master who will conduct contact activation with vibrating bowls.

The most common metal bowls. But true connoisseurs use crystal bowls . Quartz, from which they are made, creates the most optimal vibrations for human cells.

Now you know some simple and pleasant ways to open chakras.

You can experiment by combining all of the above in any order, or find the best option for yourself.

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