Meditation and Mind Control

Mental Control and Meditation 3

Article written by Damian Caceres member of the Writers Program Silva Method

mind control and meditation

As T. Harv Eker says in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, the mind is like your hand, what if you did not have control over your hand? Most likely , this would jump, he would write when you do not want, you could even hit if you do not have enough control over this. With the mind goes something like, if you have no proper control over your mind, this could sabotage your life, preventing you from using the great power that it has.

Mental Control What is it?

Mind control is basically the power that you have to use your mind, what one considers, for example, achieve a goal, incorporating a desirable habit to focus, etc.

For this purpose in the course of the Silva Method Life, there are a variety of techniques to achieve greater mind control and thus can literally improve any area of your life.

Meditation and Mind Control

Meditation is fundamental to developing more and better mental control, since the mind functioning at relaxed levels of consciousness, causes stress, and less stress, greater control over oneself, it melts well in these alpha mental levels 7 14 Hz can impress much mind, which is ideal to replace undesirable habits, with more desirable, make your affirmations and visualizations.

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Every time you meditate you will be significantly improving your mental control, because among the benefits of meditation is the greatest power develops focus and thus can ward off thoughts that keep you from getting the life you want.

Remember if you want to achieve a goal, it is important that you focus on that you want to accomplish, not what you do not. This is very important for proper control over your mind; and that more control over yourself, others have less control over you … you continue to get better and better …

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