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what are some mind tricks?

what are some mind tricks? 1

7 tricks to “control” the minds of others

Maybe you have ever imagined yourself controlling others with your thought. Maybe you ‘ve even tried telepathy , with greater or lesser results.

The human mind is too complex to understand it in its entirety, let alone handle it so easily.

However, hundreds of studies have found common patterns in the behavior of the majorities of human beings. And among many things that have been discovered, these tricks have also been appearing.

It is shown that certain stimuli lead (almost) always to the same results . Do you dare to try?

Brain Tricks


1. Paternal wisdom

If you want someone to take more seriously what you are telling them, tell them that it is something that you have learned from your father .

People unconsciously tend to believe more in the advice of a father.

2. The word that conditions

If you want to have a little fun, try the following. When you are talking to a person, choose a word and, each time you say it, make a gesture of agreement. It can be smiling, nodding, or saying a positive word (like “ of course”). 

After a while, you will see that person begins to say the word much more often without realizing it .

3. Always win on stone, paper or scissors

If you want to be the universal champion of stone, paper or scissors, you must know this trick. Just before the game starts, ask your opponent something difficult. If it’s a bit embarrassing, it’s even better.

Given the situation, the person will become defensive, and possibly choose scissors .

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Brain Tricks

4. The broccoli trick

Specially designed for parents, this trick can be used in hundreds of contexts. The original says the following:

If you want your children to eat broccoli, ask them if they want to eat 2 or 5 broccoli, instead of asking them if they want to eat or not. In this way, you took for them the decision that they will eat broccoli, but they feel that they can also decide by choosing the quantity .

You can replicate this in any circumstance: instead of giving someone two options, one that you like and one that does not, give him two options that you like. He will be happy to choose and you will also win.

5. Look detector

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is watching you, but you can not catch them at the right time? This trick is infallible.

When you think that person is watching you, recreate a big yawn. Next, look at that person.

Since the yawn is contagious, if it is yawning right after you, it is very likely that it was staring at you .

Brain Tricks

6. Help “take off” a song

If a friend can not stop singing the same part of a song over and over again, try the following: sing the end of the song .

According to studies, when we can not get a musical theme out of our heads, to think about the end of it closes the infinite loop, and allows the entry of another song.

It can also work yourself.

7. Generating attraction

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To finish, a double trick to apply with the person you like.

When you take the other person’s hand, whatever the circumstances, make sure it is not cold. A warm hand is much more comfortable, and gives more security .


Also, during an appointment,try to imitate some movements and postures of another person (logically in a subtle way, so you do not think you’re kidding). This unconsciously generates confidence, and the feeling that they fit together well.

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