Guided Meditations: How to start


Article written by Damian Member of the Program Caceres Silva Method Life

Silva method to be happier at home
To get into alpha, is for many people something a bit complicated to achieve and requires some practice, a good way to make it to alpha waves, is this excellent tool. Guided meditations.

There are certain times when it becomes very difficult to relax, especially for those who are just practicing meditation, perhaps, do not know how to deepen your meditation, or do not feel sure you’re doing meditation correctly . I recommend you just keep practicing and you do with this great tool and can reach levels of the mind relaxed in a few minutes and have the confidence that you are in the right path for successful meditations.

This powerful tool is to go into meditation, so that you, go following you have to do to go relaxing the mind gradually, in the course of the Silva Method Life, you can experience a guided meditation in each of its modules . Just relax and indulge yourself in meditation and your progress will be even better and stress will not sabotage your life back.

Tips for your guided meditations

There are different types of guided meditations, for your different needs, whether so you can meet your goals or just to relax after a tiring day, before going to sleep.

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It is important that before a guided meditation, listen first, so that you make it easier to follow. It is also important to be in a comfortable place where they can not interrupt you, with your back straight and breathing deeply. Perhaps it is a bit difficult at first but guided meditation greatly facilitates you get into alpha, so is have fun and enjoy, and you will not want to leave meditate.

Guided meditation can help you get great results, and enter a level of absolute relaxation , can be very easy to achieve, along with all the benefits that brings to your life. But you must be consistent, practice every day about 15 minutes, very few you began days to notice the small but significant and positive changes that will occur in your life, be more relaxed, focused, with a more positive way of seeing the world. So remember, it IS CONSTANT.

I hope reaches everything you want, you become a better person through guided meditations, and as we say in the Silva Method Life, you’re better and better

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