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The awakening of consciousness with Stanislav Grof


The awakening of consciousness with Stansilav Grof


Speaking of the awakening of consciousness, I propose a little reflection: do not you think radical than in those more technologically advanced countries, every day go increasing levels of stress, suicide, emotional disorders and personal crises ?. to what is due?. This I present you a very interesting book that will answer questions like this is. At the end of the day, the awakening of consciousness is part of that evolution to which we Grof points.


“The Evolution of Consciousness” Stanislav Grof (Edition) Editorial Kairos


No wonder you have the feeling that everything is collapsing around you. The awakening of consciousness begins to bear fruit and show you that everything you thought, all paradigms on which sustains your beliefs, begin to lose ground and explode in a crisis like we are experiencing; it is nothing less than a true change of era. Often it complicated sustained in the earthquake which means every crisis, but books, “being only the finger pointing at the moon without the moon”, often open the doors to new ways of seeing and understanding, and in that awakening awareness, I recommend reading the edition of Kairos by Stanislav Grof which I introduced in another book entitled “the healing power of crises” “The evolution of consciousness”.

They have spent millions of years since man inhabits the earth, but at this point, the questions remain the same and the awakening of consciousness makes no longer worth the easy solutions. We entered the era of transpersonal psychology and consciousness research opens up new approaches and a new and radically different human development in an era in which technological changes are becoming deeper thrust, but you get the feeling that human remains stuck to its full potential.

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Stanislav Grof, has gathered in this volume on evolution and the awakening of consciousness, a number of prestigious authors, authorities in their specialties, ranging from history to anthropology, religion, biology, tanatología …

Grof As noted in the introduction, “In a few centuries, science has made amazing progress, radically transforming our daily lives. However, all these discoveries and promising inventions have failed to create the desired future, free from worry. ” In short “humanity seems much farther than before a happy and carefree existence” and that “we are the first species that has developed the potential to commit mass suicide and destroy this catastrophic act all other species and life on earth “

Against this, the awakening of consciousness, can serve for further development of human potential that now appears to be stalled. Throughout the book, it is clear, as Grof himself points out that “The ideas expressed in the evolution of consciousness are exciting and bring new hope to the serious and grave situation that we all face. Any question that may one raised about the viability of inner transformation of humanity and the evolution of consciousness as a force able to change the world, perhaps our only real hope for the future. “

Authors like Frances Vaughan talking about the transpersonal vision, Jack Kornfield on social responsibility, John White, Weir Perry or Ralph Meztner among others, immerse us in an exciting study on what is and means the evolution and the awakening of consciousness. A book that you can not miss.


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