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Practicing yoga in a couple and establishing relationships

If you recently added bad relationship with your intimate partner, you often abused, lost a sexual attraction to each other, then you definitely need to do a steam room yoga.
Joint practice the most pleasant way brings people together, allowing each of them to feel a sense of cooperation, mergers energy and gratitude to each other. Steam
Yoga creates a sense of responsibility for the partner shifts the focus from his “ego” on a loved one, giving birth in the soul of sensitivity and the need for commitment. Steam Yoga – the yoga of confidence, giving birth to an open and friendly relationship.

During training with a partner occurs study of the deep layers of the subconscious and their purification, and the yield psihotravm blocks, transformation of negative energy crushed into a positive, opening the energy channels linking partners with each other.
The relationship with the partner to a new level of love and understanding. Steam Yoga gives men confidence, strength and the ability to maintain partner, and women – the softness and elegance. In other words, it promotes exactly the qualities that are most attractive to the opposite sex.

Steam room yoga is often associated with a subspecies of
tantra yoga. This is the truth, because Tantra is one of the oldest self-improvement system, which does not suppress the energy of desire, and sends it to a good cause – the spiritual development, healing and creativity. Tantra yoga is possible to imagine, as a way of combining masculine and feminine. Because it is not about sexual intercourse and about yoga, the first prerequisite for union of male and female are good physical development. Steam yoga in the first stage is working on the physical body. It is only when achieving a good level of fitness is possible to talk about the psychological and energy union with a partner.

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Practicing yoga in a couple and establishing relationships 5


Features a steam room yoga

Catching up in a group yoga practitioner is faced with the fact that he could not work out qualitatively some asanas.
Performing steamy yoga exercises, partners help each other to keep a balance, do the slopes, deflections and streamers, serve each other support and assistance. Working in pairs, they are able to facilitate the exercise, perform previously inaccessible asanas or deepen them.

The second important aspect in the steam elaboration asan – improved passive flexibility.
As is known, the flexibility is active and passive. Active flexibility training while performing stretching exercises, passive – when performing the same exercise, but with care. It can be any special tools or partner. Using the device, it is difficult to maintain the rhythm and fluency of complex training falls into performing certain asanas. With a partner such problems are easily solved, because action gradually become consistent and smooth flow from one to another. Active stretching is a natural barrier to overcome that alone is extremely difficult. With an increase in the flexibility of the passive and active automatically improves flexibility.

Practicing yoga in a couple and establishing relationships 6

Stages of development of pair of yoga

  • Construction of asanas . At the beginning of the pair of yoga practice worked out the physical body with the help of the alignment of asanas. At this stage the partners learn to feel each other, to listen to the body movement. It’s not as easy as it seems, because it is necessary to renounce himself and take into account the needs of the couple, followed them, adjusting them under their needs.
  • Coordination of breathing . Partners studying breathing in unison tuning thin components to each other. Failure from itself to the partner, breath coordinated and includes the contact body emotional sphere. Partners begin to feel the inner relationship. In this mode, the body works better, longer held power asanas asanas in muscle flexibility gain increased elasticity, fatigue comes much later.
  • Combining energy systems . Over time, the pair finished the yoga systems are not needed, there are voluntary movements with complete dissolution of a partner, intermittent flow of energy. And as to you direct this energy: to achieve win fantastic orgasm or save up for the future – decide.  
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Remember that steamy yoga action does not end the sexual sphere, and it is just beginning!


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