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Yoga for beginners: the distinctive features of practice

Yoga for beginners: the distinctive features of practice 3

baby yoga , and yoga for children and women’s yoga , and yoga for the elderly. The schedules yoga studios you can also see yoga classes for beginners. Try to understand the differences between the data classes from all the others.

Yoga for beginners usually practice the first three years.
However, in good physical shape and excellent flexibility of the body, some practicing yoga in a year after the initial practice of moving to another level. There are those who are the first 5-10 years attend yoga classes for beginners and gradually master the features of construction of each pose or a set of asanas. However, the first year all students grasp the basics of yoga, the characteristics of each asana, memorize their names and translation, as well as indications and contraindications. Therefore, do not take the time after the first year in classes for advanced. Perhaps you feel it hard and your body is not yet ready for more intensive load.

Features yoga classes for beginners

  1. Arriving at the first lesson, you will find that some students do yoga for several years.
    You should not scare it. An experienced instructor will ask you about your health, tell us how you study, get acquainted with the supporting material.

  2. The classes for beginners instructor shows the performance of each asana, voiced by name and translation.

  3. The classes for beginners to master a simple yoga poses.
    In addition, you can authorize the use of
    accessories (propsy)

  4. The instructor corrects practitioners, helping them to build up the body in the asana.

  5. The instructor tells about the positive health effect that has each pose of yoga on the body.

  6. The instructor warns about contraindications of each yoga pose.

  7. Between asanas you can give a little break and watch a yoga instructor, how to correctly perform the asana or postures complex.
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Changes that occur with the body in the first years of practice

  1. At first you may feel some discomfort in the body after practice: muscles will ache.
    After a while, the body gets used.

  2. You will learn how to manage the large muscles of the body.
    You will feel like they are working at the time of each pose. Over time, you learn to feel, how they work and the smaller muscles.

  3. You will be able to exert some muscle groups and relax other muscle groups while performing yoga poses.

  4. You will learn how to breathe properly in the asanas.
    The first time you will have difficulty with this, because you will hold your breath to concentrate on the correctness of the yoga asanas. Over time, it will pass.

  5. You will learn to control your thoughts: let go of unwanted thoughts.
    Learn to meditate a little bit.


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