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Does helping others help me? |


Does helping others help me? | 3

It is well known that helping others also greatly benefit us from ourselves. By helping people who are around you, you’ll be filling you with new motivations and new challenges that they are all trying to achieve . This definitely will be reflected in a much more positive attitude on your part , as in theirs towards you; because you’re cultivating your friends.

Realize that to be cultivating yourfriends, you are forging a path all full of smiles and gratitude anywhere you turn around beatitudes. Which, undoubtedly, will make you feel good about yourself and consistent, happy . It is true that when aid to a third party, ever be done to seek a reward, but what difference does it get to you if it is neither more nor less the long – awaited happiness.

In addition to helping you know, you could give yourself the pleasure of helping strangers. Overall, the pleasure of helping our fellow provides that such personal satisfaction, which can widely see how much you’re helping yourself to become a person with great personal growth. There are several associations and groups that are dedicated to one hundred percent to help our community in different areas: spiritually, humanly, with regard to health; There are even some who dedicate themselves fully to help the environment, whether flora or fauna. So surely you find some area that accurately resembles your beliefs and tastes.

I help others find great inner peace, coupled with great fullness. Think about it … If God considers us all his dearest children, because we do not consider it among all as true brothers. The brothers of the earth, usually, always seeking the best for his brothers; and they seek help and do not hesitate at any time give their time and love. Why then not do that with the rest of the world’s population?

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If all of us once we decide to help each other , the world would soon become a better place to spend the rest of our days. We would realize how beautiful it is to live in harmony between us and nature; and more than anything, we would realize how easy it is to find happiness by making others happy.

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