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The Great Change: Start with you


The Great Shift: Start yourself

No one ever achieved anything magnificent out who dared to believe that it was superior to circumstances something inside them”

Bruce Barton

People spend our lives doing everything to change the world, friends, partner, work and countless more things to feel better about ourselves. But the reality is that this only leads to physical and mental wear never end for the simple reason of seeking to change something in place, the circumstances and the wrong person. So this leads us to rethink seriously about the starting point of change to undertake. What do you imagine it should be ?.

1. You.

It’s simple, to want to change something in the external environment with which we are not necessarily as we begin our inside because you can not pretend that something or someone will change if we do nothing to generate our own changes.

2. Big changes begin with you.

Here the thing is easier than you think. For example, if you do not like environmental pollution begins to recycle, cycling, not littering in water sources, among others. Although in the beginning you sit alone and think that it will be useless, keep in mind that One makes the difference and sum on the way to combat the problem! And if you do not contribute to that change Who will do it for you? Or how can you achieve this ?

3. Your marks the difference.

The mistake we make is always wanting to change the world and really this is not possible. So we crashed shortly. It is the best start for us in the first instance. That is, if we find world peace first ours to transmit to people nearby and take it to other scenarios the environment in which we live.

4. Follow your ideals.

Whatever ever pass you surrender to the goals set. This does not mean you can not give you a few tweaks to achieve well. Undoubtedly, the changes begin when we are able to find alternative paths or change strategies to achieve our goals. Einstein already said: ” will not achieve your goal if you always reach you do the same in the same way.” Remember The changes are not bad, if they lead to an end!

5. Say no to tax changes.

We make the mistake of following someone’s voice that whispers to us , you must change for many reasons! And without realizing it, we ended up being something I wanted ever be. First of all, we must change ourselves, because it is born of ourselves and because we feel it is necessary. Otherwise, never do. At the end of the day , why should we become what someone else wants us to be?

These five points starting with an initial protagonist your “I” because any change initiated by ourselves and that we must always be clear so as not to have frustrations in the future of having failed in gigantic things that do not have an internal background. You are the great change that will make your external change.

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