Mindfulness techniques for a serene vacation

Mindfulness techniques for a peaceful vacation

There are no excuses. Now is a good time to learn mindfulness techniques for a peaceful vacation. Whether you’re on vacation, and if you have not left you no choice but to work as though you are going through a period of unemployment, make a rest period to break unnecessary and counterproductive habits and establish other beneficial for your body and your mind must be a task that aims to learn that serenity in a crazy as we inhabit the world, is perfectly possible.

Today I want to bring to this post a couple of mindfulness techniques for you to start a new stage of relaxation and serenity or dig deeper into your practice if you’ve already built mindfulness in your daily work.

It is simple as usual with rhodes mindfulness techniques. I’ll ask you, during these days, have the kindness to yourself to take advantage of one day early. I know it can be a bit dangerous request, but want you to experience early, not to get in fast operation, but to simply contemplate the appearance of light; I just want you to be present at sunrise.

The plan is simple. Put your alarm clock at least 15 minutes before sunrise (on the Internet there are many pages like this http://www.timeanddate.fasterreader.eu/pages/es/sunrise-calc-es.html in which see the exact time depending on your location) and seeks a quiet where sitting or standing, nobody bothers you. Devoting all your attention to the breath and the act of seeing. Do not worry because your mind is a nest of crickets. Nothing happens. It is well and now what you really are is on your attention to the rising of the sun.

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After dawn, stay a few minutes where you are. You can do some moderate exercise to stretch the body, but remains silent at all times.

Is not that difficult right ?. Perhaps you’ve never done and you’ve discovered a simple way to start the day relaxed.

The other idea to do today in these techniques for a healthy holiday mindfulness is that, at least once during the day, eat in silence. You can invite your family to do it with you. I assure you that is a very good and enriching experience.

You see, at all times pay attention to what you do is open the window to a new way of being, be and do in the world they inhabit. It is a small effort, but if you take advantage of some vacation time to get started, then it will be easier to incorporate into your daily work techniques that will be very beneficial for both your body and your mind.

There is nothing unusual as you see. It is only to be in life in a real way. Enjoy it.

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