Techniques to Eliminate anxiety 4 correctly in your life

4 Techniques to eliminate anxiety correctly in your life 3

eliminate anxiety

Anxiety is a purely emotional state where people go through feelings of restlessness and anxiety; that is, sufferers experience some fear in situations that in his view, can not be controlled or predicted, so the state of despair is always constant.

Experts in the field say that people are able to be aware of the state of overactivation by passing, however, can not control it.

In this regard, it is important to know what are the techniques that can be used to eliminate anxiety and presented below:

Breathing technique

This is undoubtedly one of the most important techniques and recommended for those who go through moments of anxiety.

In short, this technique involves using abdominal breathing, with the aim of achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation with which we can get to take control of the situation.

The goal is to breathe slowly in order to balance our body and recover the energies we need to meet the challenges of each day.

Technique 2 minutes

Knowing we have left or have some outstanding activities is one of the reasons why we can come to feel anxious, however, are not those tasks themselves that Deplete but mental reminder that in some way or another we you make them.

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For such situations there is a very famous technique known as the “rule of 2 minutes” and is to perform activities that do not consume more than 2 minutes immediately and not leave them for later and avoid having to remember its realization it which therefore demand a very important energy consumption.

physical techniques

The main strategy to eliminate anxiety and has been proven by experts, is the physical exercises.

This does not imply a prolonged dedication for the same time, simply follow a routine of at least 30 minutes or one hour per day to keep physically active.

It is best that during our routine, perform strenuous exercises as they will be those which allow the release of a large amount of endorphins so that the brain can withstand more effectively stress levels caused by anxiety.

Relaxation technique

This is next to breathing another of the most effective ways to eliminate anxiety and we must tighten each muscle and then gently relax, because this type of emotional state causes great stress levels in our body, techniques mainly back and brow.

Without doubt, anxiety is a determining factor in our lives that can cause us serious problems, so the implementation of the above techniques will be essential to address it in a proper way.

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