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Life is beautiful and a way to live this beauty is through service from deep love. This is one of the greatest gifts of life.

One way or another we will experience what happens in our lives when we serve from the heart.
I feel that every interaction with every person who comes into your life is an opportunity to give your love and serve you if you can do it, the best way you can.

Today I have three stories for you

Swami Sivananda said that selfless service is the essence of yoga. Although we feel the importance of serving, sometimes it costs a little realize how to take action.

I want to tell some things I’ve experienced this week and have inspired me to write this article about the service and karma yoga or yoga of selfless action, where we act without waiting for an outcome.

Ramiro Calle once told me the importance of being clear about
what you want and work in this direction, but without obsessing about the outcome. Sow the seed. If you have to bear fruit, it surely will.

The service at work

Consciousness and love. Thank you Leti!

A few days ago I went to my yoga class in Denia an integral MindYoga4U family that was vacationing in the city. It was a great joy for me to receive it in class and share with her. I love it when I’m putting face to the people I know over the Internet. His embrace, his sincerity, the beauty of her being filled me with love, could not be otherwise. Thank you, Leti!

That little experience was one more way to make me aware of my work service.
I feel like you can too. It’s easier when you love what you do, yes. But if not, watch yourself, think about why you do not love what you do and why despite that you do. Are you sure you can not start spinning slowly helm of the ship of your life?

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When you give the best of you, with joy and love in every act, you are making it a great gift for people who come to you. Although you do not expect these rewards will come to you no doubt at the time or in the way they have to go.

Unconditional Service

A day after that encounter with Leti, I was at a workshop Zentantra where I shared with beautiful people too. When it was over, we were on the street waiting for one of the friends to close the room for dinner, and a man came asking for a euro. We looked, no one knew what to do. And I did what I was born to me at the time. I went to where I was and I said I do not give one euro but I give you a hug! And I gave. I looked into his eyes and saw him confused, so I hit him a stronger, just in case. I did it with all my love without expecting anything in return. I felt I needed was love and what I gave him. So I do not grieved me as he left the group by saying, very angry, everyone in Denia were crazy????

Not the photo workshop I went, but it was so funny
Not the photo workshop I went, but it was so funny

I was listening to my inner voice and that is what I invite you also make yourself. Sometimes we cut when we do things that come from within and that does nothing but limit. Clearly, we must consider Ahimsa, non-violence, so that our actions do not harm others. Watch yourself when you say yes to something if it really was that the answer you wanted to. Are you sure you wanted that game or just did it for “compromise”? Also watch yourself when you say no to something, because maybe your inner being asked you a yes. The one to kiss you stopped?

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The inner voice is spontaneous and always comes from love, learn to listen and let it guide you on your way. It is also a form of selfless service.

Although it seems that not because of his attitude, I feel that this man will not forget a gift that was ????

Spontaneous service

Today I was at a flea market, completely out of my comfort zone to do something new: Sell t ????

A friend and I arrived early and help the girl who had so kindly left us a piece in place. Beside it was a guy who was just beginning to put their books and paintings and face you could tell that his back was not very good (so to speak, but it was noticeable!). So with so much love was with him talking and helping to unload their merchandise and loading boxes of books and pictures.

Shirts with love, who wants one :)?
Shirts with love, who wants one?

The result at the end of the morning? We gave him the girl put on a shirt, she gave me a pendulum and my friend bracelets. On the other site I was given a hat. And best of all, I went with some sincere embraces new friends I had made. I did not sell shirts ( it was not the right place), but with so much love ¿who needed ??? ????(This last comment is because it is not my source of income generation, because when besides love to keep me almost always need money too ????).

With all this I do not want to show all much less helpful than I am. I am also on the way, experiencing what it feels like to serve more and better. But I wanted to write because I feel that my experience with these little stories can inspire you to realize how easy it can be to serve with love. Take every interaction to open your heart and serve others. You will make you happy and you’ll notice in your environment.

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And now I leave this Decalogue to better serve, Swami Sivananda teacher.


1- Love all, serve all, be kind to all, embraces all.

2- Do not miss any opportunity to help and serve others.

3- Serve willingly and joy.
Never pout.

4- Remember that there is no better than another job.

5- Stay with a balanced mind will help you conquer your order.

6- Meditation will lead to a balanced mind.

7- direct all your attention to the elimination of selfishness through prolonged selfless service.

8- Do all your work with perfect concentration and devotion.
Do not worry about the results.

9- constant in service.

10- Listen to
your inner voice will guide you .

I’d love you to tell me any experience you have recently had, however small you think it is, then it can also inspire other members of the family of MindYoga4U.

A big hug for you,