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So with those words (conscious life is a pain), he began a student of my yoga classes one day, long ago, a conversation. I said how difficult it was to see, confront their shadows and realize “reality” around him. I understood right away because I have also lived well. With how good it was before ” – I feel the little voice occasionally hovering. (Also you heard you?). In fact, I have friends who have told me that what I want to know so much about me, if often what happens to me to go inward, is that I suffer.

It is easy?

I’m not going to lie, it is not. Sometimes with all the noise from outside, costs listening to oneself, take space.

Really worth it?
Really worth it?

But I still proponiéndomelo …

It is not easy to look inward and realize that I’ve spent my life without really understanding other people, for you an example. I am watching their stories from my own experience and did not understand his reaction, because it was clear, seeing with my backpack experiences and not putting their shoes. My advice was not as effective as it was my ego who spoke without being able to really listen and understand the problem of being in front.

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Nor is it easy to watch your childhood and see things as they happened, well, front, when there were hard times that a child does not have to go out there. (O itself and heal once all past karma …)

It is easy to look “failures” that commit at all times and do not judge me for it.

Neither me face to face with loneliness, and realize that what’s behind it is a great feeling of dependence.

However, as my student told me himself, living consciously changed my life .

The transformation is worth

Had it not been for the realization that I was not on the right track when listening to the other, I had not realized I had to empty the cup of my own experience. Just so I could experience what is empathy, which is compassion and mourn for those who did not understand but with the immense happiness that gives understanding.

Had it not been for that care, had not connected with the feeling that the failure does not exist, that there are no failures and falling is nothing but a sign that I’m on the road, which is part of the evolution .

If it were not for my constant self-observation that I have acquired through the practice of yoga, I not have gone to Cuba and tell who was who she forgave him and loved him, and that all my life experiences are part of who I am now and perhaps even a very hard way, but I have made further progress in my way.

If it were not for the intermittent consciousness, I had not seen that although I’m still not free from attachment, from time to time comes that “alumbrón” that makes me feel a sense of joy and peace.

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If it were not conscious all my fears I repeat again and again, walk again wet because the universe puts off each the same situations to learn from them. Every time there are new, of course, but already hovering ghosts of the past are less and many desaparcen. Fight them, even if it hurts, it was the greatest thing I could do. Although sometimes, as my student, conscious life has seemed to me a pain.

I recently heard that Carl Jung commented that a person can take to reach the state of awakening when he is able to face his own shadow … So you see a sign that we are on the way.

Therefore, heart, my invitation today is when you see the “black” stuff, remember that everything black you’ve lived so far has made you grow and be who you are. Take it as motivation to move forward joyfully. Make energy rather than take away from you the strength to continue, with love, to walk in this path to self-knowledge, peace and bliss.

An infinite hug for you,