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Disclosure of Vishuddha Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga

Disclosure of Vishuddha Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga 3

The name of the fifth chakra Vishuddha in Sanskrit means “full of purity.” Vishuddha chakra is also called the throat chakra, as it is located on the surface of the neck, a throat area, its petals are arranged on the front side of the larynx, and the stem extends downwardly from the neck. Vishuddha chakra
is the center responsible for communication, inspiration and expression of the human personality. ChakraIt related to all aspects of communication – with self, with others, with the cosmic power. This chakra is the way we see ourselves, and also creates an important link between the lower chakras and the crown chakra. It is a bridge between our thoughts, feelings, impulses and reactions. At the same time it sends the world and expresses the content of all other chakras. Through this chakra we express what we are.

Through the throat chakra we express our vitality, laughter, tears, our feelings of joy and love.
This chakra gives us the opportunity to consciously and clearly express what is going on and there is within us. Sexual chakra, which is specifically associated with Vishuddha responsible for our creative abilities. The throat chakra is the source of inspiration, it raises the level of creative source of creative expression, through this chakra, our creativity can be expressed in the creation of works of art – poetry and prose, music, paintings, dance.

Video lesson Kundalini Yoga.
Activating Vishuddha Chakra



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