How to do yoga? Beginner exercises

How to do yoga? What are the best practices for beginners? Here are some easy yoga exercises to do at home.

When faced with the daily stress of a mother’s life, taking time for yourself is vital. The beginner yoga postures discussed here are among the most popular of this discipline. Doing yoga , even beginner, is great for fighting stress and feeling soothed. So to all those who have ever wondered how to do yoga , let’s take 5 minutes of our time for easy yoga postures at home.

How to do yoga: exercise for beginners

Breathing is an integral part of beginner yoga . Let’s make sure we breathe in and out properly from one pose to another. Let’s stand on top of our rug with our hands on the sides. Standing up, straightening the spine and closing your eyes: this is a beginner’s yoga posture that should not cause us too much trouble. Let’s take a few breaths to relax. The yoga and breathing go together. This pose helps strengthen the alignment of our spine and overall posture.

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Yoga and breathing

Anyone who has ever wondered how to do yoga will be surprised at the ease of this exercise. Let’s open our eyes, let’s breathe and put our arms above our heads. Let’s make sure to keep our shoulders down. Extend the arms like airplane wings and bend forward while exhaling. Keep your legs straight or with your knees slightly bent if our hamstrings are too tight. Touch the carpet with your fingers while looking up. Let’s try to have the flatter back possible.

Doing yoga at home: exercise for beginners

Yoga posture for beginners
Firmly place your hands on the floor with your right leg back for this yoga exercise . Let’s tighten our abdominals (muscles of the abdomen) and make sure that the right leg stays tight. Its good ? So we move on to the next yoga position.

How to do yoga? Start with the board

Let’s move the left leg back to the right. Let’s make sure for this yoga initiation exercise that our back is flat, the abdominals contracted, and that the whole body works. Hold for 5 breaths.

Initiation to Yoga: cobra posture

Beginner's yoga exercise
For this beginner yoga exercise , let’s kneel on the mat, buttocks down. Cambrons back, let out chest, arms outstretched in front of us near ribs. Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. Finally, breathe! This initiation to yoga opens the energy centers in the body, reduces tension and fatigue.

Yoga position for beginners

Yoga exercise at home
Let’s get our buttocks up, bringing our chest back to the knees. Let’s try to push our heels down while looking at our toes. Hold for 5 breaths. This exercise relaxes the neck and abs. This is one of the most restorative postures when practicing yoga for beginners .

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Yoga posture for beginner to do at home

After these few exercises, we remember the time when we wondered how to do yoga without daring to take the plunge. It is time to go further. Let’s put the right leg forward, making a big crack. In a great inspiration, let’s lift our arms to relax our shoulders. Keep your stomach and ribs contracted. Let’s make sure that the right knee is bent straight while the left leg is tight. Hold for 5 breaths. Always beginner in yoga or already at ease with these postures thanks to the initiation?