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How many of you have lost weight by doing yoga?

How many of you have lost weight by doing yoga? 1

Can I lose weight with the help of yoga?

Can I lose weight with the help of yoga?

Many beginners come to the yoga class for three reasons: yoga is fashionable, they long to sit on the twine and in order to lose weight … With the first two points everything is clear. Let’s stop on losing weight. Currently, on the wave of commercialization of yoga, we find a lot of programs, express techniques and certain yoga-asan for weight loss , which are actively promoted by teachers, including practitioners with a name.

First, demand creates supply, and excess weight is the scourge of our time. Secondly, there is a conviction in society that, losing weight, a person becomes happier – this is a stereotype that has settled in the minds of people. Happiness from losing weight is very unstable, if you do not radically change your beliefs.

Can I lose weight by doing yoga

Indeed, there is a direction in which the emphasis is on quickly getting rid of excess weight – Bikram yoga . For a month or two, with due perseverance, you can get tangible results plus improve your physical well-being. The room heats up to 40 ° and certain sequences are performed in a very dynamic mode. However, your consciousness is unlikely to keep pace with body changes … Yoga does not like extremes: Harmony lives here. Guarantees that in a week you will not get fat again, no one will give.

Followers of this style are infrequent. And especially they do not advertise themselves. For such lessons you need not only a trained mind, but also good health, which, alas, is rare today. Loads on the heart and other organs are large, and the responsibility of such a “yoga-tiger” is colossal. Few people dare risk their health and life.

Even under yoga for weight loss are suitable directions: Ashtanga yoga, Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga, Vinyasa yoga – active and power styles. Of the systems invented by our contemporaries, “Yoga 23” helps to lose weight. Many postures and sequences there simply do not perform, having fat folds on the sides. In principle, any yoga, if you focus on dynamics and strength, will help you lose weight, stretch, give body relief.

Yoga Marketing

The problem is different. Such styles are extremely difficult for residents of the megalopolis, even young people, whose well-being has recently been greatly undermined by the realities of our life. People just do not pull them, not only not having corrected health, but also having lost what is left. Therefore, adapted methods are used: asanas for weight loss, express programs with a sparing regimen. The main thing is to involve a person in the classes, and then you will figure out whether to take the activity of fat cells or, conversely, by calming practices to bring your nerves in order.

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People are motivated by another stereotype: if you lose weight, then quickly. Life does not wait. High speeds are everywhere! If you understand, weight is usually collected gradually, and you want to drop immediately, violating all the laws of physics and nature. Here we do not consider such circumstances as the birth of a child, serious diseases, for example, of the thyroid gland, in which people are distributed in breadth, etc.

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We take the average citizen who is forced to irrationally and badly eat, not to observe the regime of the day, move little, lean on mental labor and permanently in a state of stress.

In this state, radical changes in the way of life are prohibited. It is more reasonable to begin by changing these very stereotypes of thinking, nutrition, way of life, which led a person into such a lamentable appearance, when he began to rely on miracles and eminent yogis, helping them to create …

Debunk another myth: special yoga-asan for weight loss is not in nature at all. It is naive to think that when you are in the morning in Virabhadrasana (the pose of a warrior), you drive the weight off and by evening you will be slimmer at the waist, continuing to overeat in the afternoon with a cake and sitting at least 8 hours a day in front of the computer.

Food, I love you, or Can I lose weight from yoga

We touch the non-obvious reasons for gaining weight. Conditionally they can be divided into psychological and physical. In fact, both factors are very delicately intertwined and it is difficult to determine what kind of person is at stake, so work should be done on all fronts.

Take a look – we have an era of consumption. The shelves of shops are full of food. Continuously advertised products and goods that need to be consumed. Who needs? A rhetorical question. It’s easy to guess that with a full belly not make yourself not just change your mind, but even get up off the couch. Conclusion: the amount of information and food coming to you must be strictly filtered in accordance with your intention to lose weight.

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Pay attention to the intimate environment. For sure around enough familiar with excess weight, suffering about this. Expand communication with thin or people with normal weight. Be interested in the features of their diet and lifestyle.

Our stomach without any problems recycles a portion of the size of zhamenyu from one or two palms. If more, then this is an effort on the part of the gastrointestinal tract, which will certainly affect the health of the consumer. It is recommended to learn the table of combinability of products and eat what the organism is good at absorbing, and not what is fashionable, advertised or under the slogan: “Oh, okay, with colleagues for the company!”

Losing weight begins in the head

We must learn to distinguish between psychological and physiological hunger. Here the principle works: you are not nervous – you do not overeat. Stress is the cause of so many problems in our lives, which seemingly came from nowhere. Therefore, for some, before practicing yoga asanas for weight loss, it is preferable to master balancing techniques.

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Frequently ask yourself, why do you want to throw a piece in the stomach. What pushes you to a snack? Stop and wait for the answer. If you are honest with yourself, you will understand that you are eating unextended emotions. Work them out, explain to myself what I eat, because they delay the salary, quarrel with a close relative, etc.

One of the principles of healthy eating is when you are hungry. However, our stomach rarely asks for food. He does not have time to get hungry, because we throw food there for future use. Meanwhile, the interval between meals in a healthy person should be between 2 and 6 hours.

You can not eat in strong emotions, be it sadness, anger or joy. Coming from work, do not sit down at the table, wait half an hour, calm down the feelings that came from outside – it’s not yours, but the alien energy, if you hurry up, eat it … It’s good to spread the rug and do the asanas for weight loss. As soon as everything settles, food will bring pleasure and benefit.

Asanas for weight loss

The truth is somewhere in the middle: the conditional separation of yoga poses into asanas for weight loss exists The most popular are: Virabrahadrasana (1, 2, 3), Utkatasana (Chair), Navasani ( boat position ). Chaturanga Dandasana, Vasishthasana and all kinds of planks are very effective. Trikonasany (Triangles), as well as Dhanurasan ( pose of onions ), Bhujangasana ( cobra posture ), Shalabhasana (Grasshopper), Pavanmuktasana (pose to drive the winds), Padahastasana (tilt forward, brushes to the feet) and Pachchimotanasana, about which in “Hatha- Yoga Pradipika “it is said that it” fires up the digestive fire, fat and fat makes it slim … ”

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It is noticed that these asanas actively work with digestion, speed up metabolic processes and help burn fatty deposits on the sides, abdomen, hips, legs. But there is a principle – to add them to the lesson is dosed taking into account the individual characteristics of those involved.

Doing only asanas for weight loss can lead to the opposite result: tired, disappointed, quit doing. People who lose weight through yoga, note that a certain set of poses helped to reduce weight to some extent, but not individually taken, but in combination with other exercises.

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In the beginning, the warm-up will not hurt ( Surya Namaskar ). Do not forget about the full yogic breath, which, saturating the blood with oxygen, gets to the problem areas of the body and helps to break down fats, and also removes toxins, making room for positive processes in the body. To finish it is necessary by inverted poses. For example, Halasana (Plow) promotes weight loss and rejuvenation. And do not ignore Shavasana . Such complex exercises together with asanas for weight loss help to grope for the deep psychological causes of gluttony and, bypassing extremes, gradually to form new habits in eating.

Losing weight is not the goal of yoga . It comes to those who are engaged naturally. As practice returns a positive outlook on life, destructive emotions leave. The work of the digestive tract is adjusted and the susceptibility to food appears. You learn to feel its energy, become more discriminating in the choice of products. Their number in the diet is reduced, and priorities are set in the diet. You better recognize the needs of the body: it also remembers the blissful state of ease and health and gradually gets rid of all unnecessary, including extra pounds.

Can I lose weight with the help of yoga? Yes. The process will take a little more time than you would like, by changing your consciousness, but chances are that with a technique such as yoga, including asanas for weight loss, a return to heavy weight will be ruled out.

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