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The Third Chakra: functions and ways to activate it


Meditation and Chakras Silva Method


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Of the seven chakras of our body, the third is the energy center of power, the will, coordination and sense of control. Its color is yellow, is located between the navel and solar plexus, and has a close relationship with the force that drives us to act.

The third chakra is the one that connects us with our inner source of energy, the last thing a person dying off, and that is related to the activity and the mental body. So from Silva Method, today we talk about the most subtle chakra of the lower triangle: Manipura.

The chakra of the goals and achievements

You can call Third Chakra The Solar Plexus , Power Center or Manipura (lustrous gem); what you should not forget it. It is the chakra radiates and distributes energy to all parts of the body; the chakra of the goals and achievements, which deals with energy and vitality.

Fueled by the fire of the solar plexus, this chakra is associated with the adrenal glands and kidneys. It is governed by the fire element, and coordinates and develops the sense of sight, as well as metabolic and digestive processes.

The third chakra is the force that drives you to act and complete the visualizations that you have in your life. It is about power and control, but also with freedom, confidence, ease of being yourself and paper with which each of us is identified.

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It is responsible for the will, the ego and individuality. Also symbolizes passionate consciousness and dynamism. Interesting, right?

Bet for your health

To learn how to activate the third chakra, you must first know what influence, if you need to harmonize and to what extent.

The third of the energy centers, like everyone else, affects different parts of our body and mind. It is therefore important to be fully harmonized. If not, our health can be affected. Diabetes, digestive problems or sight, fever, eczema, sunburn, ulcers, bad breath and body odor are some of the physical problems arising from their energy imbalance.

But our physical health is not the only one who suffers: the emotions are also part of it. Fear, greed, depression, low self esteem, lack of motivation, lack of confidence and unhappiness are some of the consequences of not having the third chakra successfully activated.

There are many ways to achieve a rich and full life health. When we are all healthy we live better, because health is the foundation of our happiness. But always it seems to be something that keeps us from being totally happy.

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Harmonize the chakras is another way to achieve full and full of life welfare. If you lack confidence, you have constant annoyances, doubts often all, your shyness is excessive, you are afraid of loneliness or feelings of insecurity you constantly assail you probably need to harmonize the third chakra. The same goes if you suffer diabetes, digestive disorders, ulcers or lack of energy in general.

How to activate the third chakra?

To balance the Manipura chakra energy is recommended sunbathing, breathing through the diaphragm and visualization through the solar plexus.

One of the most effective ways to activate it with relaxation. Concentrate and breathe deeply from the belly to the chest, then exhale casting out the bad feelings.

Another way to harmonize music is based. The third chakra is activated with fiery rhythms. Orchestral music is perfect for that because of the harmony between the many sounds that are present. Reassuringly, however, we recommend listening to soothing, unhurried music and uniform time.

The energy center of the solar plexus may also intensify its operation by chromotherapy. In this case, the color represents this chakra: clear and sunny yellow. This color accelerates nerve activity, and not only favors contact with others but also helps alleviate the feeling of inner fatigue. Did you know also that promotes physical and mental digestion?

However some prefer to harmonize the third chakra through gemotherapy. The coral and yellow sapphire are some of the stones indicated for it, but are not the only ones. Tiger’s eye favors the visual capacity, contributes to recognize mistakes and deepens understanding. The golden yellow topaz strengthens and stimulates the whole body, but also brings greater awareness, joy and vivacity; In addition to removing heavy and murky feelings. Citrine transmits welfare, safety and confidence, brings fullness and provides support for the realization of the objectives; besides eliminating toxins, activating blood and enhance nerve activity.

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Aromatherapy is another way we have to activate the chakra Manipura. Lemon is one of the flavors to activate it, but not alone. Lavender has a soothing and relaxing effect on our third chakra, and its gentle vibrations help in dissolving and processing of stagnant emotions. The essence of rosemary has a stimulating effect, it helps to overcome laziness and encourages willingness to act. And bergamot, with its fresh, lemony aroma, power our vital energies, besides give us trust and confidence in ourselves.

You have many ways to activate the third chakra, you just have to find the one that best suits you and your needs. He thinks that when the third chakra is balanced improves our self – esteem, fully respect others, and become relaxed, confident, spontaneous and expressive. The challenges also become good companions.

If your third chakra is well tuned and clear you will own about life, love, happiness, politics, fear … Your self-esteem will be balanced, and will clear your mind to face life opinions.

Do you think your third chakra is in harmony or need to harmonize to reactivate your potential? Was this information useful? Leave us your comment!



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