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book-1524956_1920I suggest that you take the following test to see how is your ability to attract the positive, it is important to be honest with yourself and choose well each answer. And while there may be two or more options that apply to you, you must choose only one, which is a little closer to your personal case. At the end of the test you can review the results.

1. I am finalizing a job in which I have spent quite some time and I finally realize that:

a) I was satisfied with the result.

b) I must have have done better.

c) It is exactly the result he wanted.

d) It is very different from what I wanted it to be.

2. In front of my personal goals is usual to happen the following:

a) Desist shortly after these.

b) Make my effort with great faith and occasionally get the desired results.

c) I focus on my goals and start all my personal resources successfully.

d) Discontinue for periods of time working towards my goals and again resumed.

3. Not long ago I met someone with whom I have gotten along very well. However, one day that person serious or moody, then notice the first thing I guess is:

a) “It is the height should not be displayed well being with me if I have no fault of their discomforts”.

b) “I will take away, it is best not to interact with this person for a while.”

c) “I’m clumsy, something I done to be so.”

d) “Maybe he’s going through difficulties, I will be patient with this person meantime, already pass that attitude.”

4. Reviewing my life story in retrospect I feel that:

a) “I have not been fortunate enough, but hey, try to go ahead”.

b) “Almost everything has gone backwards me, sometimes I thought that my life is a disaster.”

c) “I have made significant progress, success seems to haunt me and I’ll keep excellent results”.

d) “I have had significant moments of happiness, while recognizing that it is no easy task. It takes a lot of effort. “

5. The most important achievements I’ve had have been related mainly to:

a) Facts and comforting people.

b) obtaining goods or economic resources.

c) I have not yet had significant achievements.

d) My personal development.

6. I believe that if people who know me got to talk to others about me, say something like this:

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a) “Lo / to admire, always get what is proposed, Impress me!”.

b) “perseveres, has done well with their goals.”

c) “Always try to do what you can in each situation.”

d) “I still have not seen progress.”

7. My view of life in general is as follows:

a) “Everyone has their own interests and always ends up winning the strongest”.

b) “Often chaos is unleashed on the world. Many times, I get discouraged of life “.

c) “There are many reasons to be grateful to life, from inside I helped build it based on my deepest desires.”

d) “I am realistic to see the sometimes difficult scenario is presented in some situations. However, the intention must always be to try to be happy. “

8. On the subject of love life, love or intimate relationships, in short can say that:

a) “I was lucky, I can not complain, because I have lived great experiences”.

b) “I definitely think I was not born to share my life with someone, I’ve been a long time without a partner and do not have to look for another.”

c) “He easily attracted wonderful people in my life and I felt quite comfortable.”

d) “Everything is relative, sometimes I’ve done well in that aspect, sometimes not so much”

9. On the subject of health I acknowledge that:

a) “I’ve had some conditions and ailments, because I want my life to improve in that regard.”

b) “My health problems have tortured me a lot, go to symptom symptom.”

c) “I wish health, thanks to my habits and my thoughts.”

d) “I generally enjoyed health, at least, I have not had any complications or I have suffered from a serious problem”.

10. Given the experiences I’ve had on the issue of money, I am convinced / a that:

a) “too much effort is required to achieve the desired economic resources”.

b) “is a reality: the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer day, the situation in the country is difficult.”

c) “Money always comes at the right time and in the quantities you desire. I consider myself a person who enjoys abundance. “

d) “I get the resources I need to do to survive. Luckily I have not been hungry and have always had what it takes. “

11. Faced with the occupation I perceive performing the following:

a) “I make an honest and decent work that usually gives me satisfaction.”

b) “I did not play my passion, but I must stay there because I have not found other options.”

c) “I do not have a particular occupation. I make the ‘ordinary’ everyday activities: eating, sleeping, watching TV, etc. “.

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d) “I am in mine and I’m happy doing what I love. I feel in sync with the universe and its infinite possibilities. “

12. On the issue of interpersonal relationships in my life has been known that:

a) “I have built several significant relationships, which made me feel good.”

b) “I am indifferent to the end of the day you are born alone and die alone.”

c) “I feel in my heart as if a magnet to appear in my life that bring me the right thing and I too valuable to them people.”

d) “There are individuals with whom I have combined better, but I can not deny that I have also been setbacks with people from difficult character”.

13. I find myself facing a conflict that are having two people close to me. These people are basically disputing who is right. Most likely I:

a) I do so distracted and do not get involved in the matter to avoid enlarging the problem.

b) We make silent presence in case request my collaboration. Maintain an impartial and calm attitude, helping to create a favorable environment.

c) That’s not my business, everyone should solve their problems more serious than they are.

d) I suggest the most obfuscated person to calm down, and it’s hard to ignore me, at least I try.

14. For some reason I am about to offer a service that has to do with an area of ​​knowledge in which I have experience. This usually happen:

a) Some people receive my offer with interest and others simply do not pay me enough attention.

b) Instead of offering’ve changed my mind and rather finish considering I can hire someone to do it for me.

c) The person to whom I address my proposal is delighted with generally easily build empathy and motivation in my relationships.

d) The other tell me that you will think and then give me an answer regarding my offer. Often they end up accepting my proposal.

15. In summary, I believe that the characteristics that predominate in me are:

a) Realism, efficiency and intelligence.

b) Intuition, optimism and creativity.

c) objective attitude, cooperation and perseverance.

d) Pessimism, but hard work and honesty.

16. Attitudes and / or emotions most frequent are:

a) Peace, Love and gratitude.

b) Nostalgia, guilt and anger.

c) Tranquility, resignation and respect.

d) love, friendship and pleasure.


Then, add each of the points earned for each question. Note that the maximum score is 64.

Question 1 : Option   3 points  Option b   2 points  Option c   4 points   Option d  1 point

Question 2 : Option   1 point  Option b   3 points  Option c  4 points   Option d   2 points

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Question 3 : Option   2 points  Option b   3 points  Option c  1 point   Option d  4 points

Question 4: Option   2 points  Option b   1 point  Option c  4 points   Option d  3 points

Question 5 : Option   3 points  Option b  2 points  Option c  1 point   Option d  4 points

Q6: Option   4 points  Option b  3 points  Option c   2 points   Option d   1 point

Question 7: Option   2 points  Option b   1 point  Option c  4 points   Option d   3 points

Question 8 : Option   3 points  Option b   1 point  Option c  4 points   Option d   2 points

Question 9: Option   2 points  Option b   1 point  Option c   4 points   Option d  3 points

Question 10: Option   2 points  Option b   1 point  Option c   4 points   Option d  3 points

Question 11 : Option  3 points  Option b   2 points  Option c   1 point   Option d  4 points

Question 12: Option  3 points  Option b   1 point  Option c  4 points   Option d  2 points

Question 13: Option   2 points  Option b   4 points  Option c   1 point   Option d  3 points

Question 14 : Option  2 points  Option b   1 point  Option c   4 points   Option d   3 points

Question 15 : Option  2 points  Option b   4 points  Option c  3 points   Option d   1 point

Question 16 : Option   4 points  Option b  1 point  Option c   2 points   Option d  3 points


1 to 16 points: Stop a moment to reflect.

The invitation is to you to review the thoughts and attitudes that prevail in your life. You’re probably focusing on a negative face situations and this is hindering your ability to fullness may draw your existence. But do not get discouraged! you always have the option to change what you do not like and choose a new path.

17 to 32 points: You can improve more.

Maybe somehow your intentions are positive, but these are not enough for you attract desired to your life, you must then adopt a new attitude that consequently lead you to employ new, more constructive behaviors that go in line with the positive results you want to see realized.

33 to 48 points: You are advancing.

Samples generally tend to be adept at attracting the positive, so You’re on track! Just make sure to further strengthen your positive attitude because only when this is sufficiently strong and powerful, you can still stay in the midst of any storm.

49 to 64 points: Congratulations on your ability to attract the positive.

It is wonderful to have this positive attitude that makes you an expert in attracting what you want out of life. Most likely awaits full of prosperity and happiness future. So, enjoy the fruits you’ve known plant. Excellent!.

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