5 Staff Care Strategies for a Happier Life

5 Personal Care Strategies for a Happier Life 3

Taking care of oneself has become an important task in our frenetic world. When we are aware of the need to take care of ourselves, we can positively impact our health, our energy and our attitude. Here I present five strategies of self-care to help move towards a happier life:

1. Realize that personal care is a permanent need.

Many of us think that taking care of oneself is only necessary when we are stressed. While this may be a wakeup call to change our patterns and unhealthy habits, change our way of thinking can be even more effective. It is important to see the personal care as a form of “preventive health care”.

Take time each day to relax and unwind, decreases the likelihood of negative feelings accumulate over time. This allows us to gradually build a personal self-care regimen. Over time, your body will feel healthier and more peaceful mind.

2. Do what you like. 

Do what you like they say a lot, but it is the base. Let your friends and family are an inspiration for you, not a prescription as taking care of yourself. Very often look like the others have fun and relax and compare ourselves with them, each has its peculiarities for it. We thought there must be something wrong with yourself if you do not like the same things.

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May be social and meet new people you help your friend feel more connected to life and living, but for you, stay home and read a good book is the most peaceful and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. That’s very good, diversity, find activities and hobbies that truly and genuinely like you do and are much easier to meet long-term.

 3. Keep your personal care in your current schedule. 

Take care of yourself if you have it as something complicated and time-consuming, then this becomes boring and uninspiring. Search carefully in your day a space for you and inspire you as you might think, maybe a walk exploration, a massage, chat with a friend, find a place to practice this or other personal care practices you like.

4. flexible.

Sometimes we get so obsessed about doing something the same way, we limit our ability to see that we can achieve the same or better results otherwise. Let’s say one of your self-care activities is to exercise every day, you could do different exercises and do not limit yourself to the same routine. You could go to the gym one day, the next day go to yoga classes, and the next day for a walk. Experiment with your self-care practices and creative with what works for you.

5. Do what is possible. 

This means setting modest goals and be realistic about what you can do right now. If your goal is to cook at home every day but one day you feel tired to take it over, then gentle with yourself and buy something to eat. You can always opt for a healthy alternative.

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Every day is different, bringing with it a set of different moods and different responsibilities. Adapt to our daily needs is itself a practice of self-care. Remember that personal care is fun, enjoy the time you have for yourself. So do not take it too seriously. Encaminate with joy in the journey towards better mental health, body and spirit.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Rucha Tadwalkar -www.mindbodygreen.com)

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