The power of deep breathing

breatheIn the weekly messages I send my subscribers MindYoga4U and Articles I share with everyone here on the blog or from my Facebook page, I refer often a topic of interest to many people: the healing power of the breathing.

If you learn to breathe properly, you can reach in a few minutes a serene state tranquil; It can help you focus and can burden you with the energy you need.

Remember a time when you have been excited, restless, fearful; surely your breathing was ragged, it did not flow naturally. Did not enter your lungs with enough air time required to fill them, nor out calmly through your nostrils. We’ve all experienced moments like that, right?

To me it happened to me recently. I went to a lecture by Sergio Fernandez, a beautiful person who helped me on my way through his books and radio programs, and leaving wanted to go to personally thank you, heart to heart, for everything that has contributed to me and the world. At that time I was very nervous, but he was aware of everything, and I began to inhale and exhale deeply, slowly, until breathing became normal, and I approached him with a big smile of love and serenity.

Today I share with you the exercise you did step by step, so that you too can use, and you experience how proper breathing can become your ally at a time of difficulty, nervousness.

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The technique is simple: breathe slowly, deeply, expanding the stomach by taking the air and filling the lungs with it. Then when you exhale, first take the air in your stomach and then go up to empty your lungs. also do it very slowly until the lungs feel completely emptied.

As you do this exercise, all your attention will be overturned on him, so unknowingly’re freeing your mind of any other task. There you have a second benefit of deep breathing: It helps you focus on yourself, providing you calm, relaxation and presence.

My invitation today is for you to look for a moment in the day and practice the power of deep breathing. Take advantage of this moment you might be bothered with your coworker, your boss … or at home, with your partner, your parents, your children. It takes a few minutes to you, leave everything in the background and enjoy breathing deeply. All the positive energy of the universe is channeled through you and to your advantage, being aware that enters your body through the air we breathe, which takes all negativity when you exhale.

It is a simple but wonderful exercise we use in yoga for, being aware of our breathing, balance the mind, spirit and body. And when combined with a brief stretching session, twice we’ll win benefits!

This is my message to you today: when something unbalance the rhythm of your life, when you will not be able to calmly react to any situation, using exercise deep breathing immediately . When you leave the exercise, you can see that are quieter, serene and relaxed with your clearer and clearer to act in the most appropriate way, ready to give you the exact answer you need at that moment mind. Many labor problems, couple and in the field of human relations in general would be avoided if we learned not to react irrationally to something we do not like it or it hurts, deriving this intense emotion we feel for the practice of a few minutes breathing deep.

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deep breathing

And if what you need is answer for any question of your life, do not hesitate to use this powerful tool breathing. Well centered, relaxed, peaceful, serene, it will get the answer you need and that comes from the source you have: your own inner being. His voice is there, inside you, but the noise of your mind and body of emotions in which you get caught does not allow you to hear. Devote a few minutes a day to flow, and you can start enjoying a new life.

And now I want to leave you with step by step in a deep breathing exercise that suggested by the teacher Sthepen Co.

Gently place the tongue on the roof of the mouth. This helps distribute energy throughout the body.

  • Inhale through your nose for six times.
  • Keep breathing for three times.
  • Exhale through your nose for six times.
  • Keep breathing for three times.
  • This 6-3-6-3 breathing cycling.

You can do pranic breathing during meditation, during a walk, or in the car. It can be used to absorb the energy of nature. Every time you feel low energy, pranic breathing practice for twelve cycles and you feel refreshed.

So much for my message today. Put it into practice and then tell you how it went.

A big hug for you,