How to meditate: Different types of meditation

How to meditate: Different types of meditation 3

how to meditate

Meditation is one of the oldest practices of man, an ancient practice that has different connotations throughout the history of humanity, but has been considered the most important for humans exercise.

We can find more than one type of meditations, and each of this tells us how to meditate so different , with some common characteristics but it is more than interesting to know.

If you know of meditation, if you meditate every day this note will be of great interest as it reviews some of the main types of meditation. It is very likely that delve into ways to meditate other than you’re used you find yourself with positive, interesting, innovative aspects, attractions that can implement or apply to your daily routine of meditation .

If you wonder how to meditate? Know that there is neither one nor two ways … there are many more than that. Which we cite below are not all but a simple selection.

How to Meditate: Meditation Different types

We started with the Buddhist meditation , meditation is a Buddhist practice par excellence and has been used this type of meditation in other religions and in exercise psychology to address issues such as anorexia, addictions or even to help in the rehabilitation of prisoners .

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The central character of Buddhism, Budda recommends practicing meditation sitting lotus-shaped and preferably close to nature.

In Buddhist meditation attempts predispose certain mental condition that favors Samadhi or “state of maximum attention and tranquility.” tries to keep the mind totally focused on the present moment. Not the past, not the future, not mental connotations, just in the present, here and now.

how to meditate
Transcendental Meditation comes from India, and refers to a meditation technique based on the repetition of a mantra. Not only it used to relax and get away from the stress but is directly linked to the pursuit of health and vitality.

Entertaining mind on an object while not more than a few minutes, can create a space of silence and order in the whole body and the whole mind can be realigned according to their natural structure and function without external conditions without interference.

Meditation with mantras , meditation with mantras has been greatly popularized when you start to know massively meditation in the West. Many think that this phenomenon is given because meditation with mantras resembling the prayer with rosary own Christian religion. A mantra is a sound, a word, a phrase that you repeat yourself continuously. You can talk like a chant, or silently, as in meditation. Mantras can be composed of words that help auto – suggestion or just words that do not know the meaning but its vibration produces an effect in our brain that helps meditation.

These are just three types of mantras, they say more than 40. We will probably continue through each of them to achieve greater understanding of meditation in the history of mankind.

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